Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sounds like one fancy award!

Marty is a wonderfully talented writer over at Dark Star Discovery. There is a regal, powerful quality to Marty's writing. His love of words is evident in every line he writes. Marty honored me with the "Premios Dardo" award, which roughly translates to "Top Dart". Thank you so much for this award, Marty. I really appreciate this kind recognition of my blog :)

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values everyday.

Here are the rules for this award:
  1. Accept and post the award on your blog.
  2. Link to the person from whom you received it
  3. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.
  4. Let them know they’ve been chosen for this award.
Blogging encourages self-expression through writing. When I first started blogging, I was happy to find so many creative writers who generously share their originality, wit, heart and personal insight. All bloggers deserve praise for engaging in a cooperative discourse through this medium. Again, I wish I could bestow this award on each and every one of you :)

I would like to pass this award to these blogging friends:
  1. Joanne, over at Whole Latte Life
  2. Luci, over at Divinely Written
  3. Kim, over at The Child
  4. Sara, over at Living the "Artist's Way"
  5. Kelly, over at This & That
  6. Shabby Girl, over at A Fish's Beach Wishes
  7. Dani, over at Dani's Daily Drop
  8. Mervat, over at The Writing Instinct
  9. Ana, over at The Writer Today
  10. Sabrina, over at nouns make verbs...
  11. The Write Girl, over at Write in Motion
  12. Judith, over at The Being Brand
  13. Tabitha, over at Fresh Mommy
  14. CDB, over at Fingers and Paws
  15. Jenners (the one and only) over at Life With A Little One and More
Back to the trenches with my gang. I think a big hockey match is happening right now on my driveway. I have the band-aids ready!! Happy Saturday:)


Joanne said...

Congratulations to you for receiving the Premios Dardo Award, so much deserved here with your thoughts and thoughtful poetry! And thank you for passing it along to me and Whole Latte Life. I feel the same way you do, the blogging community is so enriching, with each writer having their own unique insight and heart, and when we all get together, wow, what a wonderful forum it is!

Have a great weekend.

judith ellis said...

septembermom - You are well deserving of this award and I am so happy to have found your blog. Thank you for passing this award on to me. This I so appreciate coming from you. Peace and blessings, beautiful mom.

Mari said...

Congrats! This is a nice one!

The Write Girl said...

You are very kind to give me this award. I think you are well deserving of it. I am not sure if I can find 15 bloggers to give it to. Not sure if I can accept it but thanks anyway.

Ana V. said...

Congratulations on getting this award! It is well deserved. Thank you for awarding it to me. It is an honor to receive it.

Sabrina said...

What a thoughtful thing to do!! Thank you!!

Ann Victor said...

Congratulations! Your poetry and blog deserve the recognition so enjoy the award!! :):)

Rachel said...


shabby girl said...

Congratulations! Truly, you deserve this. You bring awesome poetry & heartfelt writing to your blog, and I always enjoy coming over here!
Thank you for sharing, my friend.

Warren Baldwin said...

Congratulations on this very nice award, and thank you for your visit and comments.

CDB said...

Thank you, kelly!! This was very sweet of you to pass this along to me.. and what a great way to snap me back into the blogosphere. I've been having trouble blogging through real life lately.. will explain soon.

Congrats, thanks again, and look for it soon on mine!

Jenners said...

Thank you for thinking of me!!! And for your lovely words...and for translating the award! I would have guessed "First To Wear A Leotard" but First Dart sounds better ... though still mysterious!!! : )

T Rex Mom said...

Congrats on your award and to the recipients of the award. Always a pleasure to stop in and visit with you!

Creativity!! said...

Heart Congratulations :)

Creativity!! said...

I had awarded u in another blog of mine, on April 29, 2009..Hope u ve missed it:) please check it here..hope u accept my award too:)

Creativity!! said...

I had awarded u in another blog of mine on April 29, 2009..Hope u ve missed it:) Kindly check it here,

Creativity!! said...

I had awarded u in another blog of mine on 29th April 2009. If u ve missed it, kindly accept,

rightonmom said...

'Top Dart'- Love that!
Congrats on you well deserved award! Thanks for passing it on to DivinelyWritten. Humbled and honored.

Kim said...

I definitely agree that you deserve this award! It doesn't surprise me that you are at the top of other bloggers' list when it comes to recognition. I love that your blog is positive and honest and creative. Thanks so much for passing it onto me.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the deserve every single one! and thanks for passing it on to me, too! i am touched you thought of me! thank you!

Fresh Mommy said...

Congrats on your award, you deserve it just for your poetry at least, everything else is extra!! And how did I miss this? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! How sweet. *blush*


Gerri said...

Congrats to you and it does sound fancy. :)

Anonymous said...

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