Monday, May 25, 2009

Hoping to connect again through poetry


Daddy was once a little boy
restless on a Manhattan stoop.
That little boy swallowed hardship
as his mind stretched like landscape.
That little boy imbibed a laughing room
as his spirit ascended cold flat roofs.
Six decades elapsed when that little boy
pieced together with a waiting universe.
Daddy’s daughter sits restless in the rain
looking through the nowhere for his grin

Today we honor all who gave so much for our freedom.
God bless our military and their families.
Happy Memorial Day!


♥Rocío♥ said...

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Dani said...

Lovely poem. :) May we remember...

Creativity!! said...

Fantastic Poem :)

Creativity!! said...

I had awarded u, in another blog of mine.....Hope u missed it...kindly visit here

Christy said...

Nice poem. Happy Memorial Day.

T Rex Mom said...

As always, appropriate words just for the occasion.

Happy Memorial Day!

rightonmom said...

Don't know how you do that poetry thing you do but you do it sooo well. I'm touched. May we never forget.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

pughy said...

Lovely, very well put.

Carol x

Kim said...

Kelly this is such a beautiful poem and am I assuming right that it is dedicated to your dad? It sounds like he was a wonderful man and that you two were close. I hope you're doing something fun today. We had our long weekend last weekend.

H F W said...

Indeed. Happy Memorial Day. We have so much for which to thank these service men and women.

The Write Girl said...

This is a wonderful poem Septembermom. I especially love the lines: "That little boy swallowed his mind stretched like landscape."

Great imagery in this piece and I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day.

Joanne said...

Our freedom is so precious, what a lovely poem commemmorating this. Hope you had a nice day today.

Sneaky Momma said...

Such imagery. :)
I love the way you honored your father through this poem. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...