Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meme tag

LuAnn, over at Daily Grace & Mercy, tagged me to play a meme listing 8 things under certain categories. Time to have fun with this meme!

8 Things That I'm Looking Forward To
  1. Warm days at the pool
  2. Bike rides with my kids
  3. Invigorating walks
  4. Writing more
  5. Getting the house organized
  6. Starting yoga again
  7. Catching up with old friends
  8. Relaxing at the beach
8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Looked at earthworms with my daughter
  2. Listened to my kindergartner son read a book
  3. So much laundry
  4. Checked out new blogs
  5. Dove into a new mystery novel
  6. Tried to organize mountains of toys
  7. Laughed with fellow moms
  8. Listened to my hubby's snoring
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
  1. swim (I want to jump into the deep end someday!)
  2. rollerblade (I used to roller skate all the time as a kid.)
  3. spend weeks touring Europe (husband is giving me a smirk)
  4. take some graduate courses (I am always in student mode.)
  5. avoid heated discussions with in-laws (a losing battle for years)
  6. Travel throughout US and Canada (so much to see and do)
  7. take dance classes (It would be nice to feel graceful on the dance floor.)
  8. give real hugs to my blogging buddies (wouldn't that be nice?)
8 Shows I Watch
  1. Project Runway
  2. So You Think You Can Dance
  3. The Amazing Race
  4. Top Chef
  5. House
  6. ER (sorry it's gone)
  7. Heroes
  8. bunch of Food Network shows
8 People I Tag
  1. H.K.
  2. Michelle
  3. Angela
  4. Luci
  5. Wendy
  6. Kari
  7. The Write Girl
  8. Mommy Nintendo
Enjoy playing the 8's!


Mari said...

This was a fun one. I love that you and your daughter looked at earthworms!

T Rex Mom said...

Great idea! I, too, want to do a lot of traveling. And I get to start taking graduate courses in 2 months - very excited and very scared!

Thanks for sharing your 8's!

The Write Girl said...

Oh boy, I was tagged! Yikes. It is super late and no more creative thoughts to expend so I will try the challenge tomorrow. : )

Anonymous said...

Can I come to Europe too? Great list!

Amanda said...

Funny, I listened to my husband snoring yesterday too. :O))

pughy said...

Earth worms, what fun I forgot what that was like and you gave me that memory back. I hope you get to do some of the things on your wish list. Husband gave a smirk, perhaps he would like to see Europe too some day.

Love the blog keep up the good work
Hugs Gj and Carol x

Joanne said...

I like the idea of travelling the U.S. and Canada. I haven't gone too far out of New England, and there is so much to see here in this beautiful country.

Kim said...

I would avoid unpleasantness with the in-laws too. I think travelling throughout Canada and the US would be so great. We have so much to see in our own backyards. Hugs to you Kelly!

shabby girl said...

So much more to do and so little time. I think the first thing to go is the laundry! Who needs clean clothes to look at earthworms!

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Thanks for the tag! It was fun reading yours and writing mine.

Neither of my daughters would look at earthworms if they didn't have to. Lucky!

H.K. said...

I love these tag games! I'll probably do it either tomorrow or Saturday! I want to do most of the things that you want, travel Europe & hug my bloggy buddies. But, there is one thing that I'm sorry you had to do, listen to your husband snore! Hope you still got some sleep!

Wendy said...

thanks for the tag, it is my first game! I like your lists!

Dani said...

:) That's fun! Nothing like a list of prompts to let you know what to post. :)

Teri said...

Oooh, I love to organize, also. Cool list.

rightonmom said...

Aw, yea! I like memes, especially when I don't have a topic to write about! And I love your list. Consider yourself hugged, ;)

Krissy said...

what is 'meme'?

Lori Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing.

Kitten said...

The earthworms have been everywhere lately. And I do mean everywhere. It won't stop raining!

The Write Girl said...

Hey there,

I added the meme prompt today if you'd like to check it out : )

Andrea said...

Loved learning a little bit more about you! The tulips in your header are breathtaking! :)

Michelle said...

Ahhh.. the meme. Ok, I'll try to do it Friday or this weekend. But if you don't see it by Sunday, remind me again :) I'm notoriously bad at remembering to do these!

Kari said...

Fun meme! I'll let you know when I post mine. :-) Thanks for tagging me!

Jenners said...

This was fun to read ... and I think I saw some of your "tagees" too!