Monday, February 9, 2009

Drumming to our own beat

After my three boys go off to school, my little girl and I enjoy our girl time together. She loves her baby dolls and her "princess mommies". She likes having little conversations with each doll. That can keep her busy for a long time. Since my boys' energy levels can be off the charts some days, I enjoy these quiet play times with my daughter. In her room, she holds court for all her dolls and allows me to help her get them ready to be received : ) She likes that whole princess role. I expected to once again play dolls today, but she had other ideas. She discovered today that she can find drums all over the house and loved tapping out a beat for me to copy. Her little hands liked the couch drum the best. I had to redirect her once I saw her heading for Daddy's TV. Her joy in this new music game was contagious. I found myself getting a kick out of trying to think up new beats for her to try. By the end of our little drum run around the house, we were both smiling and tired. We got a good workout today. Our time together was not as quiet as usual, but she loved impressing me with her drum beats on all sorts of surfaces. It looks like the princess has left her throne to play as a musician for a while. She said that she wants to show her brothers this new game. That may be a scary proposition once the boys get involved. It will be one crazy concert for Daddy when he gets home. At least, the kids will be happily drumming along!


A Closet Writer said...

I can picture your daughter wearing a princess costume while happily sitting behind a drum set, drumming away. It reminds me when my oldest son discovered drumming on objects around our house, and at 17 years old, he still does that!

Gerri said...

Hey, thanks for the visit. It is so much fun just being able to "play" and not focus on an agenda. :)