Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mom, I have a question

My nine year old son is the interviewer of the family. We can always count on him to have a bunch of questions about any new topic that interests him. When my husband waits with him at the bus stop, my son jumps at the opportunity to conduct an interview all about the mechanics of our minivan. His eyes scan the dashboard and he goes from gauges and dials as he asks his questions. Even if they only have five minutes until the bus arrives, I think they both enjoy these little interviews about a subject that they both are excited about. I am glad that my son is inquisitive and curious about so many things. Once he starts asking questions, he gets on a roll and sometimes we have to postpone the rest of the interview when we have more time. Or we'll refer him to a book or the Internet, when we often don't know the answer to a more difficult question. I notice that he is drawn to books filled with factual information. At the library, he'll pick out books about weather, planets or vehicles. It is great that he gets excited about learning new facts about how things work. You can almost see the light bulb go on above his head when he gets into interview mode. I want to always be available for these interviews and encourage my son to be that seeker of facts and information throughout his life. I may have a junior researcher, scientist, astronaut or weatherman on my hands. He also has a charisma that could lead to a career as a soap opera actor! Hey, all those jobs pay the bills : )


rightonmom said...

I love those questions and inquisitive mind! I always learn something in the process too. Def. sounds like a researcher on your hands!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, really appreciate it.

Kelly said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!

your sunflower picture is beautiful...it's my favorite flower! sounds like you enjoy your days with your children. it's a tough job...but it sure is worht it, isn't it?!? i think you have a future engineer on your hands...sounds like he likes the mechanics of things!
thanks again for coming by my blog...stop by anytime!

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

I admire that you recognize this natural ability in your son and are posting about it. I love hearing my mom tell me stories about what interested me when I was a child and the career paths that she envisioned me taking. I'm sure your son will as well. Also, kudos to you for seeing his questions as a gift, an ability. I cringe hearing parents complain about their child's questions. If they won't answer then who will. Good job mom!

Jenners said...

That is wonderful that he has such an inquisitive mind ... and that both you and your husband take the time to answer his questions and take his questions seriously! You are going to have a bright young man on your hands ... one who will go far in life! Great for him ... and great for you! What a lovely post!

And thanks for visiting my blog ... it is much appreciated!