Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finding my novel

There must be a novel in me somewhere. I've always considered myself a storyteller. Having an active imagination as a child, I would invent all sorts of tales to entertain whoever was interested. I need discipline to try and reign in my ideas into one cohesive storyline. I've made an attempt at a novel recently. I'm happy with my first two pages, but I put it on hold once all of us started battling colds in my house. I guess I'm scared that my story will fall short somehow. Do I have enough material to write a novel of decent length? Or should I take a shot at short stories first? My poems are usually short and filled with compact images. I wonder if writing a novel is the right medium for me. The best way for me to find out is probably to start writing and see if the novel grows page by page and starts to bear fruit. Maybe tonight after the kids go to sleep, I'll try and work on page 3. Writing something of substance is worth the effort. I'll make the time.


Caroline Kent said...

Hi Sept'Mom.
Why not write a synopsis first?

This is like write a short story to see if your idea will work.
You need your main character and use their voice to tell your story you can add new characters along the way.

Don't forget as you write to keep a list of the characters who they are and a few background note on them i.e, age, hair colour etc.

If you play around with your idea for the plot first in the form of a short story, You'll see if the idea will run away with itself, then you will know if it would become a novel.

Just a few ideas, I hope this helps.

Shelli said...

It helped me to have a goal of just 500 words a day. That was doable. Good luck whatever you do!

Jen said...

No helpful tips for writing...sorry, but I did want to wish you luck. I'd love to write a novel someday, but right now I don't think I could come up with the time. Truth be told, I also don't have any great ideas yet! Keep us posted!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way.

septembermom said...

Caroline and Shelli,

Thanks so much for your ideas. I'll try to set some daily goals and work out a synopsis. It sounds like a great way to organize my thoughts and work out my ideas. I really appreciate your input.


Thank you for visiting my blog and sending your support. I enjoyed stopping by your blog and look forward to reading more about your adventures!

A Closet Writer said...

You should try looking into a writer's group. There are groups that meet once a week to once a month. I found that I was more consistent in my writing because I knew I had to produce some kind of writing material to share with the group.

Juliet Colors said...

Good luck with the writing. I love the idea of writing fiction, but also wonder if I "have it in me." Clearly the best way to find out is just to do it.

This is a lovely blog you have started here. Thanks for stopping by mine. :-)