Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Need to be Writers

Writing well is such an essential skill for personal and professional success. I am afraid that today's kids are not practicing writing enough or building on their creative writing skills. Texting has become kids' main way to communicate these days. This shorthand approach to communication is probably going to have a significant effect on their ability to clearly communicate in writing not only in school, but also in business. There are so many great teachers who work diligently to get kids excited about writing. Wouldn't it be great if a collaborative writer's workshop period was added to each student's school day? All kids would benefit from the daily opportunity to express, create and communicate. A dedication to writing can lead a student writer's confidence soaring in both the classroom and social life.

I think that parents have to strongly support, encourage and praise their children's writing efforts. In partnership with creative, enthusiastic teachers, the involved parent gets the chance to "hear" their children's voices in sharing and discussing writing.

Even though I love to write, I know that my older children write only what is necessary to pass an assignment. I hope that some of my excitement about writing rubs off on them someday. We'll see!

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Kari said...

Just scanning some of your old posts. I could not agree with you more on this subject! It scares me how this generation of kids is getting so far away from actual writing and actual face-to-face conversation, with all the electronic communication like texting that is a way of life for them.

My five year old loves writing stories to go along with her pictures. I'm encouraging her and I hope that she continues to love reading and writing!