Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finding a Poetry Publisher

I like to write poetry at times. For me, I think that poetry is a good medium for my creativity. My two or three free verse poems often start with a sharp visual description which hopefully sparks some kind of intuitive response in the reader. I like to explore the power of a single word or string of words to give the reader an impression or personal recognition of an emotion or event.

Publishing my poetry does not come as easily as composing my poems. Even though I'm not sure if there is a definite audience for my poetry, I would be curious to venture out and see if there is any interest. Poetry is so subjective. I fear that each poetry editor can't help but evaluate poetry submissions through their own "poetic taste" lens. I know that I would probably fall into that trap too.

I joke with my kids that at least they will have my little book of poetry even if the rest of the world never sees it.

But I'll continue to try and find a magazine, periodical or editor who may see what I'm trying to convey in my poems. I hope to find other aspiring poets who can share their experiences and frustrations with publishing poetry.

A poem breathes even if only for the poet.


Laura Jayne said...

Here is a poetry magazine I have always been impressed with - http://rattle.com/submissions.htm

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kelly,

Sometimes I like to venture older posts to see the beginning of one's journey. I know call me weird but I'm probably the only one that does this. Here is a link for you:



I know you will be published and the pw link has some great competitions that have some really good awards and grants. Also buy the book Poet's Market if you haven't already. I have it and it's fantastic.