Monday, September 10, 2012

A Top Ten sounds good!

With the happy butterflies in my stomach as I type this post, you would think that I just got asked to the prom.  I'm so excited to be here again!  The sun is shining through the trees as I type.  Those mini brownie bites are happily in my tummy, and I'm enjoying the peace and tranquility before the kids come barging through the door.  I can't believe how fast these past two months flew by.  It was a wonderful summer vacation full of laughs between the inevitable kid dramatic moments.  All in all, I feel rejuvenated and pumped for my re-entry into one of my favorite sanity-saving activities, blogging.

So where do I start? I'm busting with ideas and sarcasm.  See? Nothing has changed :)

What about a Top Ten list?  It works for Dave Letterman all these years. I'm sure he won't mind if this crazy suburban housewife borrows the idea for my return blog post.  So here goes:


  1. The DVD is not working. (I had to do some yoga moves to fix that problem over and over again.)
  2. Can I pee in a water bottle? (traveling with boys)
  3. These southern states are LONG! (We were at our breaking point often in the Carolinas.)
  4. Mom, please not another car game! (I needed to keep the kids from driving daddy the driver crazy.)
  5. Why are my cookies at the bottom of that bag? (Guess who said that?  Me, of course.)
  6. Now I know what a sardine in a can feels like. (If I had two inches of leg room at times, I was lucky.)
  7. Are you kidding me that we have THAT many miles until a rest stop? (leg and butt cramps: no fun)
  8. Please Jillian don't put in another Barbie movie. (The boys started to know the songs by heart.)
  9. Why didn't we fly? (My answer: money; Jillian's answer: too scary)
  10. We can't wait to see the Disney World sign! (We fell out of the Honda and practically kissed that Disney parking lot!)
 I'll post some pictures of the trip soon!


Diane Estrella said...

LOve your list and I only wish I could pee in a bottle. Mega time saver!!! Can't wait to see pictures! :O)

Michelle said...

Yay for Disney, but holy cats you drove 40 hours? It's making me twitch just thinking about it ;) Hats off to you!

Kari said...

You are brave people, LOL! I generally like car trips but they can certainly be difficult with kids.

Stephanie said...

That's about what it is for us round trip to Disney World :) We did it once and vowed never again. I hate car trips, mainly because I get car sick. I can handle up to about 8 hours one way without starting to get really uncomfortable.

Anyway, hope you had a great trip! looking forward to reading about it. We're going to Disney in November, but flying :) There's only four of us, and I got decent fares, so it wasn't all that bad :) Free dining promo really helped too.

Vicky said...

Ha- this is classic! You are in rare form and it feels so good to read your words and hear your "voice!" Can't wait for photos and to hear all the stories! So glad you got to do this with your family!

T Rex Mom said...

Good thing you were not driving the western states! Much bigger than those southern ones. At least there was something great at the end of the journey. I cannot wait to hear and see more.


Great post Kelly, I too have been away from blogging but returned with new blog though most people are having problems reading it.
Great to see you back/

Valerie said...

40 hours? I couldn't do half that these days. Enjoyed the 'conversations' during the car ride.

It is lovely to see you back. I was surprised when I logged onto the blog and saw all your comments. Thank you for visiting me and for all the nice things you said.

Hugs from me.

Becca said...

Sounds like a rather eventful ride! You and your family deserve a round of applause for making it through that trip! I thought nine hours was bad enough!

Can't wait to hear all about Disney World!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Good to see you back! Your vacay sounds like just the right mix of car fever and adventure! Looking forward to your pics and more stories.

Gerri said...

Welcome back and I can't wait to see pictures. :)

Jenners said...

I'm glad you are back! And now I want some brownie bites!!!

40 hours in a car with kids sounds like the worst possible expereince ever. Your post tells me I wasn't necessarily wrong!

Gerri said...

Can't wait to see the pics! So glad you are back! I bet your boys are sad about this whole hockey debacle. I hope they figure it out soon.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

you should submit this to Letterman, welcome back lady. missed you!

Jillien said...

yay!!! i'm so happy you're back and had a great time. Funny quotations :D


Ella said...

Cute post
I love. Your list
Oh u so remind me
Of all the travel moving trips
Crammed for sure
Can t wait to see photos

bettyl said...

You have to love it when it's all over!

Kim said...

One time we had to let Deaglan pee in a bottle - the lineup on the bridge to cross to the states was hours long. He has not stopped talking about it since. He especially likes to tell people when we get to a destionation - one time I had to pee in a bottle it was awesome!