Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hopscotch

So I'm sitting here watching "The Voice", eating Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, and making a spreadsheet for a book order for the school when it hits me...I need to do an H post.

Talk about winging it at almost the eleventh hour. 

Remember hopscotch?  As girls, we would chalk up a shaky, but doable hopscotch board across the often broken sidewalks in front of the big apartment building on our Bronx block.  Hours and hours of fun would inevitably happen when we dedicated ourselves to a hopscotch tournament.  We didn't need any instant technology or flashing devices.  Hopscotch filled the bill quite nicely when it came to entertaining us city kids.

On my street now, guess who is the only house with hopscotch boards all over the driveway?  It looks like I'm successfully turning my driveway into a pseudo Bronx street.  Now if only I could jump into a double dutch game without spraining something vital.

Back to my cookies.  There are two left!

P.S. I'll visit you all soon.  I have to finish this project for the school and then I'm back to blogging.


T Rex Mom said...

C is for cookie - oh wait, we're on H.

I actually used to love hopscotch but never able to do double dutch. What's the school project?

I do hope you had a beautiful Easter.

Valerie said...

Oh yea, hopscotch! I was very good at it, although I say it myself. Whatever happened to childhood, where on earth did it go.... I sometimes feel I'd like it back...grins. Hope you had a happy Easter with PLENTY of chocolate.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I do remember hopscotch though along time ago. Every girls form of play at some time or another,


Robyn Campbell said...

Hopscotch is soo cool!!!!!!!!! I played it every day. I figured you would have the chalk out making a hopscotch board.:-) I hope you got the school project finished.


Jenners said...

Hopscotch is timeless. I see it all around our neighborhood too so it is alive and well.

Gerri said...

I loved hopscotch! Thanks for bringing back such great memories!

The Write Girl said...

It sounds like you are having fun reliving hopscotch days and eating yummy cookies. Delicious!

Vicky said...

Yes, hopscotch and four square were our go to games. Plus a little jump rope got in there too. Ahhh, that takes me back for sure... good days and good times! Thanks Kelly- love having those memories brought forward!