Saturday, June 25, 2011

Searching for pockets of peace, holding onto the right perspective, and coughing at the worst moments

I envy the peaceful sway of those trees framing my deck right now. When I write, I find myself trying to stare through them for inspiration. Usually, there is all sorts of chaos in my home during a typical day. Looking at those trees becomes a way to piece myself together to carry on.

I wish that I had some good news to report on the job front. During this on and off blogging break, I have been deconstructing our usual job hunting strategies and researching new approaches to this daily task of mine. I was hoping that I would break some significant ground and open a path that looked promising.

I shouldn't get discouraged if I still feel lost sometimes in this job search. Why should it all of a sudden get easier? I know that it takes attention, work, and positivity. It's all about attitude. Both mine and my husband's. The biggest challenge is to keep trying and trying even when doors keep closing.

Even though I thought that I knew it all about job hunting, I found a book that gave me a fresher perspective and new ways to march into this battle. I'm ready for the battle again. I hope that my husband still has the heart for it.

The sun is shining all over me today because it's the first day of summer vacation for the kids! Once it gets warmer, we'll have those bathing suits ready for regular pool visits. Jillian can't wait to pour water over my head (over and over again) with her daisy watering can.

These stubborn coughing fits can't weigh me down when it's hide and seek time. Last night, we played hide and seek with flashlights. It's fun to bounce the light off of the darkened trees and be in the stillness of the surrounding night. I was on the lookout for wayward raccoons though. The kids like to scare me by pretending that an animal is on the approach. They were surprised that I still have some quick moves when I need them. You should have seen my attempts to suppress a coughing fit during my son's 8th grade graduation. I escaped the auditorium rather quickly. I'm popping cough drops like crazy. Looking forward to a cough free day.

Miss you all. I'm so excited to come visit you. It's been too long. Happy Saturday!


Diane said...

Glad there are moments of joy and delight among the Pbtttttt!!! That's was me sticking my tongue out at the yuks.....

You've hit it on the head with your prayers for your husband to still have the heart for it and no matter how hard, keep encouraging him and we'll keep encouraging you.

Love and hugs! Let me know if you need more chocolate and it will be on the way!!! :O)


Sorry no joy on the employment front also coughing is not very nice, but pleased you have some good moments with the children.

Take care.

sgreerpitt said...

I feel for your pain on the job hunt front...the problem is in the economy and not in yourselves; so many worthy people are without work due to no fault of their own...but knowing that does not make any of it any easier, because when one needs a job, one needs a job.

The persistent cough is worrisome.

the wild magnolia said...

Some say the job market and our economy is better, but those living in the real world know the truth! I will keep you in my prayers.

It is good to have a peaceful space for inspiration.

Happy weekend.

Susan Fobes said...

I keep forgetting that school lets out a little later where you are (this is the second full week my kids have been off, and although rough at first, we now have a "rhythm.")
That coughing fits stuff went around here as well-about a two week bout, so I'm sending all my best wishes for your speedy recovery!

Vicky said...

its so good to "hear" your voice. Your words sound "peaceful" and also resolute! Summer vacation is probably just what we all need and I can't wait till trips to the pool/beach fill my day once again.

I am so glad you have renewed energy and vision for the job search. Just keep on, keeping on and have Jillian fight like a girl when you need a little extra boost! Thinking of you- hoping the cough resolves itself. Sending love and hugs!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly! I'm sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well, hope that nasty cough takes leave soon. I am trying to get back into a regular blog posting/reading pattern so hope to be around more often!

God bless!

T Rex Mom said...

Mint tea with lots of honey and lemon. And rest. Lots and lots of rest.

Be well, dear friend.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hoping the cough gets better like now! Bathing suit? GAH! Being in bed does not make for a lovely figure. Bed + eating = A BIG FAT ROBYN! Waaahaaaa Miss you too. Praying for the job search. This too will be resolved.

Robyn Campbell said...

My son got engaged today. :-)

Valerie said...

I had one of those annoying coughs once. I remember at a funeral being unable to join in the hymns because exercising the vocal cords brought on an embarrassing bout of coughing. T Rex Mom mentions mint tea with lemon and honey... I hope you try that.
Sending positive thoughts regarding the job hunting but do try and take time to relax. Hugs from me.


Thanks for coming by and reading and commenting on so many poems,
Hope you're feeling better.

kisatrtle said...

Stupid cough...hope you feel like urself soon

Kim said...

You are an inspiration Kelly. And you are right, it isn't meant to be easy and I love that you are re-managing your expectations. I'm praying that something stable comes along for Grant and you. Until then, he must feel so fortunate to have stability in you. Stay strong my dear friend. And hopefully that cough leaves soon.

Gail Dixon said...

Gosh, I hope that cough is nothing serious. I love how you always stay so upbeat no matter the circumstances. Hang in there, it's bound to get better. ((((hugs))))

Ella said...

I am sorry you are still sick! Any chance it is allergy related?! Ah, I use to play that with my kids; so fun~

Yes, we are the eye of the the middle of chaos! Try yoga if you get a chance, it will help! I know what you are thinking, but try it anyway :D

glnroz said...

Never, never, ever, forever, and ever give up...:)

glnroz said...

Never, never, ever, forever, and ever give up...:)

Jenners said...

I'm glad you found a book to help you look at this job search thing in a new way. I'm sure that is helpful and energizing. Continuing to send you good thoughts and hope. Don't give up ... it will come soon.

And I hope you get rid of this cough soon. Ugh.

Flashlight tag is spooky good fun isn't it? We had a game going the other night and the kids just loved it!!

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Hope you're feeling better now Kelly and all the coughing fits are over so you can enjoy being dunked by Jillian!

Sorry to hear that the job search struggle continues on - but keep strong! Who knows when that job that is just waiting for you will pop up for you to grab??

Keep up with your writing - with the trees for inspiration soon you'll have pages of poesy for us to enjoy!

Judy, South Africa

Gerri said...

How cool is it that you all play hide n seek together. Those are beautiful lifetime memories you are making right there!!