Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Quickfire

My wonderful friend, Bel, and I are celebrating National Poetry Month. I was hoping to do a poem a day like I did last April, but my Muse has been hiding. Well, I tried to get back into my 10 minute bus stop poetry quickfires, and here's what I wrote down in my son's old notebook.

Jump over to Bel's place to say hello for me :)


Not crumbling to dust
four arms stand up
the beams of home.

Uncertainty mocks order
two heads dream more
shuffling the pieces of heart.

Doubt circles through rooms
married souls stand firm
cementing the core.

See how I'm determined to get this job hunt thing figured out! Just wait until my husband comes home. He'll get an earful of ideas from me. He may want to get back in the car. LOL.

Please see my "I" post below for the A to Z challenge :)

I'll visit everyone soon. The stomach virus has almost left me and my house. I miss my chocolate!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope you afe feeling better,
Loved the poem as I did your blog for letter I .


Gerri said...

Nothing wrong with passionate vision my friend!!!

T Rex Mom said...

Well done. When do we get a poem about chocolate?

Kim said...

Sometimes you just have to take a stand. I felt the urgency in this, the enough is enough of it. I'm sending you positive, clear-headed, abundant thoughts my friend! Love that you just jot stuff down when the muse strikes!

Sylvia Ney said...

Cute! I hope you are all feeling better soon. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

Diane said...

Thinking about you and praying for that dream job to come! :O) Hugs

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful poem. I hope you find that job soon! You should totally broadcast yourselves on a v-log and take it to youtube. You can list all your husband's amazing qualities and make a real special video. I know you are creative and you will get through this. Take care dear!!

Michelle said...

Keep that doubt away! I love the poem, especially the strength portion. Good luck to you both!

Valerie said...

Yes, good luck from me, too. I liked the structure of the poem. Hmmm a vlog sounds like a good idea.

bel said...

Feel better, Kel! And thanks for the linkiage. :D I linked to you too.

What a wonderful image in your poem. I've really been struggling.

Jenners said...

Wow. This was really powerful and said so much. The metaphor you chose was just perfect.

Robyn Campbell said...

Great symbol you used, Kelly. Doubt, strength. Praying the job will come. I'm glad you're feeling better. :-)

Angela said...

This is my absolute favorite line: "married souls stand firm
cementing the core". I am praying the job situation looks up for you soon. Hope you'll be back to eating your chocolate soon. :)

sol said...

fell better kelly!
beautiful poem!
I'll eat the chocolate for you, no problem ;)