Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick and Random

Swirls and curls give me an energy boost!! I need all the energy that I can get as I sit on that hard chair in the jurors' box tomorrow. Hope you like the new template :)

I'm planning on another vlog very soon. Keep tuned.

Today was my son's 8th birthday. I tried to get under the limbo stick. Emphasis on the word "tried." My yoga moves are very rusty apparently.

How many 2 bite cupcakes can I rationalize as equivalent to one regular size cupcake?

Jillian loves her baby dolls. - A direct quote from the princess herself!

Mommy has to organize all those baby dolls. Half hour job at least.

Happy Wednesday!!! Hope that I don't sneeze or cough in the courtroom. It's ridiculously quiet in there.


KLo said...

Nothing like a good dose of jury duty to make real life even more real ;)

Just smile :)

Randi said...

Happy birthday to your son! (Didn't another son just have a birthday too?) By the way, 7 mini-bite cupcakes= 1 regular cupcake. Have at 'em! :)

Becca said...

Happy birthday to your son! I am LOVING this new blog template of yours!

T Rex Mom said...

Love the blog design update. I can see how it can energize. And I cannot wait to spend time organizing baby dolls here in the next few years.

Good luck with more jury duty. They are very lucky to have you.

Tell your little guy happy birthday.

Judy Croome said...

Good luck wit jury duty! And bite-size cupcakes don't have calories, they're too small!!!

I LOVE the new template! It's bright cheerful and upbeat. In colour therapy treatment orange is used to uplift and energise the emotions, and that effect is clear here. I smiled when I clicked your blog open!

Judy (South Africa)

Judy Croome said...

And (belated) Happy Birthday to little guy! 8 is a great age.

Judy (South Africa)

Valerie said...

Nice template, Kelly, it's so cheerful. Good luck in the courtroom, hope it doesn't prove to be boring.

Caitlin said...

Happy birthday to your son!
Good luck with jury duty- ugh!
Love the template! So cheery!
And I think 100 one-bite cupcakes = one regular. Just think of how many teensie eensie bites it takes to eat a big one?! :)

Gerri said...

I thought mini cupcakes were too small to even count as calories??? :)

Christy said...

I don't think mini cupcakes count AT ALL> I like your new swirls. Pretty! I hope you are having fun in jury duty. ;)

the wild magnolia said...

Mini cupcakes mess up my mind. Mini cupcakes mess with my mind and my willpower.

Jury duty and the "world" of justice for all...gives us pause. A far cry from the TV programs. Good job!

Have a good day!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A lovely read,

Thanks for your visits and comments.


Jenners said...

Loving the swirly orange colors! Very nice!

And I think you can justify 14 mini cupcakes to equal one big one. (That is the answer you wanted, right?)

Michelle said...

Good luck with the trial. I hadn't even thought about the uncomfortable chairs. Blech.

And the cupcakes? I'd say at LEAST 6.

Caroline said...

You are so cute! 2 bite cupcakes don't have calories. ;) Good luck organizing those dolls!!!

The Write Girl said...

Good luck in that courtroom. I really like the new look to your site. Looking forward to your next vlog. Take care :)

#1Nana said...

I'm catching up on reading blogs while watching American Idol. Your new layout goes well with tonight's Beatles theme...it's groovy!

Robyn Campbell said...

You still have jury duty, Kel? Man. You gots the luck, don'tcha? ;)

Happy birthday to your son. (You'll love birthdays in that house.) :)

Love the cheerful template. Planning on messing with mine when I get back. See you Sunday. :)

Cynthia L. H. said...

Happy Birthday to your son!!!
Oooohhh...jury duty...my recommendation...MORE two-bite cupcakes...or why not just go for two giant cupcakes??!! After jury duty, you deserve it!
(My logic lately has been leaning far far far towards comfort foods...and I've been writing a scone review on my blog, so you can imagine the 'torture' (ha) I've been putting myself through in the kitchen with that!!!)

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

loving the new template...very spring! Hang in their with the jury duty...they don't call it a duty for nothin. Happy bday to your boy!

Learn, Laugh, Cook said...

Love the little glimpses into your week Kelly! I'm sure the people watching at Jury Duty is just as amusing as your own kids!

Have a great week! Hugs, Mandy

Kim said...

Love those two bite brownies!!! Those boys are gonna tower over you soon - maybe John already is???