Friday, November 19, 2010

The Four Questions Meme: Part 2

Loving any excuse not to clean up right now, I will try and answer the remaining three questions posed by my friend of many talents, Jenners over at Life...with Books.

I did seem to go on and on with my answer to the first question about what makes my perfect day. If you missed that one, feel free to read about it here.

There are three more questions waiting for me. For some reason, I feel like I should be stretched out on a therapy couch. Anyway, here I go!

Have you ever stayed up for 24+ straight hours? Why?

Okay, I have a question for you. Since you all know me so well, which of these 24+hour activities do you think I would most likely experience:

  • Dance-a-thon?
  • Stretching from a scaffold as I complete my artistic masterpiece on my dining room ceiling.
  • Going all out with that Jillian Michaels to see if I could knock off a few pounds.
  • Pacing the floors of a 700 square foot apartment with an extremely cranky firstborn.
I'll give you a minute. Do you have your answer ready? Hmmm, I wonder what you would choose? Sounds like they all would do a number on my back.

Have you ever laughed so hard your stomach muscles and face hurt? What made you laugh that hard?

17 year old me was sitting at a restaurant on a date with my not yet husband waiting for a huge ice cream sundae. (We weren't sharing by the way.) My friend and her date were hanging out with us. Before the date, I asked my husband not to ask too many questions about my friend's date and his interest in zoology. My friend had told me that he was specializing in studying the rhino and that he could give a lecture about all the different types of rhinos. I had a feeling that I would laugh if he started getting excited about his love of rhinos. It was midnight and I was hungry for ice cream. I knew that I was in a giggly mood too. Husband to be did agree to keep the conversation rhino-free. Well, doesn't he break his promise just as I'm shoveling a huge spoonful of ice cream into my happy mouth. He asked, "So what's your favorite animal?" Before the poor guy could respond, I started laughing, choking with tears running down my face. I felt so bad but I couldn't stop. I'm sure that my friend's date thought I was the most uncultured buffoon around. I'm actually chuckling now remembering that conversation.

What is the earliest time in your life you can remember?

I remember being a 6 year old girl trying to skate in front of my Bronx apartment as my 2 year old brother screamed his head off. He also pulled very hard on my two ponytails. Ouch! I think I can still feel it. I also remember getting stung by a bee around that age. Wish I had a beautiful Hallmark memory to share with you. I feel like I have more Simpsons' moments in my memory.

I'm supposed to pick 4 blogging buddies and give them 4 questions to answer. I'll work on those questions for the next post. Geez, I can't believe that I turned this task into a 3 part event!

See you all soon!


Joanne said...

Hm, for the first question, can we pick two? I'd say painting your masterpiece, and walking your newborn, would keep you up for 24 hours! Both take our undivided attention.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving next week, Enjoy!

Caitlin said...

Hmmmm.. I'm guessing being up with a baby for 24 hours- only because I certainly know that is possible! ;) The mural thing also makes me wonder...hmmm...
That conversation about the rhinos cracked me up! I ALWAYS laugh hardest when it is a situation that I am not supposed to be laughing at! :)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A great post good to read and loved your answers.

Enjoy your week-end;

Mari said...

That was fun! I think you were walking a baby too. I would have been laughing just like you with the rhino guy. :)

Diane said...

You have so many great memories and experiences to pull from. That's why you're so much fun!!! :O)

#1Nana said...

Please tell me that you didn't really paint your dining room ceiling. You were just kidding, right? Of course you were kidding. Right?

Loved the rhino story.

Dominic de Mattos said...

Thanks for sharing - I always enjoy visiting your blog! So much so, I have an award for you ... come visit my blog!

Jenners said...

I hope it was the dance-a-thon and not the newborn ... but I suspect it was the newborn.

And I found myself smiling at the rhino thing.

I'm glad you're able to get so much blog fodder from this!!! : )

Michelle said...

Someday you need to have a 24 hour period where you're up and having fun. Although I have to admit that I don't know if I could handle it anymore....

T Rex Mom said...

I think it's a good thing you turned it into a two-parter. After all - you don't want to pull another all nighter laughing over rhinos or getting your ponytails pulled.

Judy Croome said...

I laughed quite loudly at this post! Just LOVED the story about the rhino expert! (After reading about 18 rhinos slaughtered for their horns in one of our game parks this week, it was nice to read a feel-good sort-of-rhino story!)
Good luck with finishing that ceiling masterpiece!
Judy(South Africa)

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

You get more interesting each time I stop by! So what's the answer to #1? I think all mothers have done the all nighter with a newborn, but you have a wild streak in you so I'm guessing the dance-a-thon.

Kim said...

Yeah, unfortunately I'd have the same answer for pulling an all nighter. Although I was pretty expert at leaving studying until the last minute in university and had to pull a few all nighters.

You and Grant have been together for a very long time! I had no idea.

bel said...

My earliest memories are mostly (but not all) bee stings. Not surprising, I suppose, that something so painful is so very memorable.

Robyn Campbell said...

Kelly, you are so FUNNY! I love coming over here and the rhino story will have me giggling to myself the rest of the day. Thanks for making my CLEANING the house much easier. :)

I'd say it's the firstborn causing the 24 hours with no sleep, but I'd prefer to think of you stretching from a scaffold as you complete your artistic masterpiece on the dining room ceiling. It just sounds more YOU! Love you, girl. Blessings to you and your most wonderful family.

Vicky said...

Too funny! I'm stuck on the sundae scene as you described it in such a way I feel like I am there. Its like those times you get tired and a little punchy and then everything is funny, even when its not supposed to be :)

Love getting to know you like this :)

Gerri said...

Nothing like side-busting laughter!!! My 24 hour story involves, college, card playing, and probably a drink or two or even three. ;)

Monica said...


i would go for #s 1 and 4 on the first one.