Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun and Games With Jenners

Jenners keeps me smiling with all her Fun and Games! She thought it would be fun for us to create fake books/magazines. Jenners even provided us with a link to design our own magazine or book covers. For some reason, I was very technically challenged when I tried to make my own cover. Maybe I was overdosing on my chocolate afternoon snack and couldn't figure out the simple directions. Anyway, Bart was supposed to be my cover model for this magazine idea of mine:

The teen guy's guide for cruising through life

What do you think of these article titles? Something here to stir your son into consciousness?

"Twenty Ways to Make Sports Balls Out of Old Socks"

"Voice Changing Tricks to Sound Less Like Froggy and More Like Derek Jeter"

"Sucking In Your Gut Tips When Impressing the Girls"

"Negotiation Techniques to Get Dad's Car Keys: Use the Choir Boy Smile Approach"

"101 Ways to Avoid Conversation with Mom"

"Chore Delegation: Ways to Bribe Little Brother to Mow the Lawn, Take Out the Garbage, Clean Up the Garage, Find Your Homework"

"More Hair: Less Eye Contact"

"Alarm Clock Is The Enemy: Who's A Morning Guy Anyway?

"Rapping Your Way Through Your College Essay: Who Needs Grammar?"

"How to Look Cool Standing Outside Dunkin' Donuts at Midnight"

"Why Can't I Major in Video Game World Philosophy?"

"Deodorant vs. Toothpaste: When A Choice Must be Made"

"So Exactly What Is Work?"

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Will pop over when I get a moment, sounds fun.


Mari said...

Funny! I want to read the article on choosing between deodorant and toothpaste!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those were great. I love the more hair less eye contact. LOL That is so true and funny.

Michelle said...

Too cute. So many of those I'm sure I'll be experiencing soon enough. Nothing about the mall though? Do teen boys still hang out at the mall? Or Perkins?

christy rose said...

Those were great! I hate it when kids' hair is covering their eyes! I want to see what those eyes are saying! LOL

Betty said...

Those were too funny!Loved all of them!
Betty xx

Judith Ellis said...

Very funny...

Jenners said...

These are just way too funny!!!

And I really really really dread my Little One being a "subscriber" to this magazine one day!!!

Vicky said...

I am so close to being there...noticing the small changes in my soon to be 10 year old! More Hair, less eye contact, otherwise known as "hockey hair" in my house... classic! Loving your sense of humor!

Emily Ann Benedict said...

My personal favorite is "More Hair: Less Eye Contact." ;)

Janna Qualman said...

ROFL! Very cute.

And I'm diggin' the pink.

The Write Girl said...

This is super fun Septembermom. I saw that on Jenner's site. Sounds creative. Nicely done :)

Becca said...

Oh those are too funny! I really enjoyed this!

H.K. said...

I loved the titles, but it also made me want to read the article with it. One of these days you should write an article to one of the titles.