Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Write Girl's Invitation to Create

My talented friend The Write Girl started a wonderful meme which encourages us to share our creative response to a provided prompt. I chose to write a pantoum poem triggered by the following idea:

"A weary man dragged his belongings to a town on the hill. All of his possessions were fastened in an old trunk. Everyday, he would wake up early, hold out his mug, and cry for alms. One day, a wealthy man kneeled reverently and said " Dear man, I'll trade my wealth for your poverty."

Two Souls

The relentless panic grabbed his soul
catching his breath on the hill.
Years of self took its toll
Man of substance found his will.

Catching his breath on the hill
he wonders if he calls friend.
Man of substance found his will
famished with faint hope to ascend.

He wonders if he calls friend
to see a poor man push life.
Famished with faint hope to ascend
and find the spark in strife.

To see a poor man push life
wearing his struggle on the air.
And find the spark in strife
he strips down to show the bare.

Wearing his struggle on the air
he slips through a sleeping crowd.
He strips down to show the bare
if only his voice rang loud.

He slips through a sleeping crowd
years of self took its toll.
If only his voice rang loud
the relentless panic grabbed his soul.

Thanks for reading everyone!


Lois Lane II said...

Sigh. I wish I could write poetry...You are so talented!!!

bel said...

I love that form. It's so challenging and inspiring for me.

Thank you for this. I always enjoy your poems. I look forward to getting through, I mean, enjoying National Poetry Month with you next month!

Also, I am loving the daily opportunities for creativity at write with pictures. I mention it to everyone I know every chance I get. Especially when I am featured...

Trudy said...

I love the structure of this poetry form. Thanks for sharing this and also the rules, I love poetry with rules! I hadn't heard of it before, but I'm going to print this off and give it a try sometime soon.

This is a beautiful poem you have written here! And what a fun meme, I might have to give that a whirl sometime!

Have a blessed weekend Kelly!

Gerri said...

Thanks Kelly. Just beautiful!

Joanne said...

What an inspiring meme! Lovely verse, wealth comes in many different guises.

Happy Spring to you :)


Kelly this is poetry at it's very best,
A pleasure to read and one with a message.

Have a lovely week-end.

T Rex Mom said...

As always I enjoy your writing.

I hope things are going alright. T Rex said prayers for "Ms. Metember Mom" tonight. He's pretty dialed in so I have a feeling things will work out. Be well and keep the great writing coming.

He & Me + 3 said...

With just that prompt you can create such an awesome piece? You are so talented.

G said...

Very nice.

Thought provoking and moving.

Sarah Laurence said...

I love how you turned a few lines of prose into an epic poem. Nice rhythm and message!

The Write Girl said...

Thanks so much for playing are super cool : ) Your verses are lovely and inspiring. I love your poetic choice of using the pantoum. Fabulous!! I am going to post mine up today!!

Jenners said...

I love it. I have never heard of this pantoum ... but I like how it works.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I enjoyed this- this was a real nice piece-

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Beautifully written Kelly. Never stop writing and feeding your poetic soul.... it suits you.

Michelle said...

Oh that was really beautiful. It's so not where I would have taken this, but it works wonderfully. You are a truly talented writer.

Saras said...

It is not easy to write poetry.You need a lot of imagination, talent and an innate desire to share your thoughts.You are one such blessed person, who can excel in writing poetry. God bless.

Becca said...

That is very beautiful Kelly! Very nice!

Gerri said...

What talent. You have a gift my friend. :)