Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Quick Response Meme

I decided to try this meme that I saw over at Kitten's wonderful blog. Enjoy your day!

I am: searching for all of me
I think: all the time (maybe too much :)
I know: love is my treasure
I want: something chocolate (no philosophy here!)
I have: to remember patience
I dislike: indifference
I miss: my one and only Dad
I fear: vampire movies (no Twilight here)
I feel: usually before I think
I hear: my daughter playing a computer game
I smell: deli turkey (school lunch prep)
I crave: conversation, acknowledgment
I usually: find a song that will perk me up
I search: for the "voice" in paintings
I wonder: why some people don't return a friendly hello
I regret: not pursuing my teaching degree
I love: my family and friends
I care: with all of me
I am always: feeding kids, it seems (drive thru kitchen)
I worry: about my kids' happiness
I remember: moments of connection
I have: to organize my poetry
I dance: when doing the laundry
I sing: quietly to myself (everyone is happier :)
I don’t always: exercise
I argue: my point sometimes too heatedly
I write: with love on my blog
I lose: my cell phone in my bottomless bag
I wish: children never had pain or loss
I listen: carefully to others
I don't understand: why my husband can't find the right job
I can usually be found: in the kitchen, bus stop, or soccer field
I am scared: that time is passing me by too quickly
I need: more money to pay the bills
I forget: too many French words (have to study again)
I am happy: to be me here in this world.


Christy said...

Oh, Kelly...we are alike in so many ways. I too wish I had pursued my teaching degree. I think too much. I remember moments of connection, usually with regret or sadness. I wonder too why people don't always return a friendly hello. :) I really enjoyed this. I feel like I know you even better. I hope you have a good day, too.

a49erfangirl said...

I can relate to the thinking to much. Great answers.

Joanne said...

A nice Wednesday reflection. I like the idea of finding the "voice" in paintings. It's a wonderful process, seeking it out within the beauty of the images, the symbolism, the technique.

Jillien said...

This was such an incredibly honest post. You are such a beautiful woman! I love visiting you if only for your sincerity.


bel said...

Thank you for sharing this. We're a lot alike, it seems!

Patti Lacy said...

LOVE this post and this blog, which I saw over at Latte Life.

Will check out your picture blog as I write daily ART BITES for my Facebook fam!!!

As a former humanities teachers, my fingers tingle to see this!!!!!! !!!!


Trudy said...

I can relate to so much of this Kelly! I believe we are also very much alike, except for the fact that I could never do this because I am entirely too long-winded. I did a similar post on my blog today, which should demonstrate this perfectly, LOL!

God bless!

Caroline said... this! I too have a drive through kitchen!!

Creativity!! said...

:) :)

Naqvee said...

do u know what! i can sense so much innocence flowing out from your every word!

I appreciate : honesty in you
I wonder: how come you are so honest about yourself!
♥ Naqvee ☺

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

that was refreshing to read!

Vicky said...

It always amazes me these are so simple and yet so telling. I so want you to expand on some of these if not all of these... its like they are writing prompts in a sense and I want the expanded version of your answers!

christy rose said...

Loved all of your answers here! this was kind of fun to learn more of you! :)

kaye said...

no philosophy needed for chocolate! loved your answers

Beth Kephart said...

And I am happy you are in our worlds.

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow girl that was awesome. I feel like I really got to know you better through that post. I am always losing my cell phone in my big bag too.

The Write Girl said...

Thanks for sharing this meme/poem. It's so creative and we learned so much about you. Nicely done : )

kisatrtle said...

I am happy that I read this post!

Flory said...

I love this Kelly - to the point and honest! I think you're doing a great job at finding the "voice" in paintings. Enjoy your day!

Dan Felstead said...

Septembermom...."I regret: not pursuing my teaching degree"...that really struck home with me. I got my degree and went directly into business and never taught. 30 years later...I find myself substitute teaching just to get back in the classroom.

This was a great post.


Jenners said...

Oh .. I love this. I'm going to have to do this one day. It almost read like a poem!

Michelle said...

It's funny the way you answered some of these - your interpretation of what the phrase would mean is so different from what mine would have been. I like that!

And not pursuing your teaching degree? You know it's never too late for someday!

Judith Ellis said...

Beautiful sharing, my friend. Thank you... with love....

Corrie Howe said...

Great responses.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An indepth list of thought and endeavour
With an interesting storm of love with less weather
Of suffering in rain to regain sum sane
To future your children in hopefull train
Of thought for less to be more as in grain.

Being a Good Mother is quiet hard AS you experince all the hardshops of empathy with a perspective of want for will to finally end bitterness spill of fill! You are an exallant writer. Good luck. Love Andrew. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

Don said...

A lovely post. I can tell you had fun doing it, you discovered more of you, you opened a window for caring folk to gaze in, and you helped others see themselves in seeing you.

A new thought for me: Hearing the "voice" in a painting. Had. not. thought. of. that.

Hmmm... (explains why you share paintings on your blog.)

Dani said...

i really like this - i think i'll steal it. :) lol

i liked your words - very sincere and true. it really gives us a glimpse into the Kelly you are. :)

Donna B said...

This is fun peeling back the layers to reading all who partook in this meme...reading each person's thoughts...and finding so many more great blogs. I must follow you, I like your thought process and creativity.

Gerri said...

Wow, that was really cool. Thanks for sharing. :)