Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maybe I'm STRETCHING for poetic inspiration these days...


That chill upon my arm
brought me out of routine.

What made me notice
when all still had to be done.

My eyes took a moment
to rest on the physical of me.

Jumping through hoops
to satisfy the day's pull.

Rare to stop and see
a body that speaks back.

My body has lost its place
of sanctity in my priority.

The soul cannot join
to a body pure mechanical.

Sometimes a poem comes out of me from left field :) This was inspired by something as simple as my stopping to notice some goosebumps on my arm. Strange muse, don't you think? Anyway, I started to recognize that I truly don't "listen" to my body's needs anymore. I really just go through the motions and neglect my body's signals. I have to stop treating my body like a work horse. My aching limbs would love a massage!


H F W said...

You know, you are right on. Sometimes, I think especially moms, neglect themselves and just simply survive. I know I'm guilty; good reminder for me to stop and listen to what my body is saying today. Thank you. I hope you have the opportunity to do the same thing. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly, us moms often neglect ourselves in order to take care of others and ensure their well being. In retrospect, we go through robotic motions. We must listen to what our bodies are trying to warn or tell us. As far as randomness, isn't that what creativity is all about? The Muse has no boundaries, let her flow. I love the last line, "the soul cannot join to a body pure mechanical." Nice!

Sabrina said...

Kelly, listen to this leading and start taking care of yourself girl! You have too many peope relying on you to fall apart. Now, saying that...come run wth me. Ha ha.

Dani said...

Go get one! A massage would be wonderful for you and you deserve it!

Nina P. said...

Great Poem! I know what you mean by not listening to your body. Sometimes your body will do something and make you listen when it's neglected too long. Work hard, Pamper yourself often, and go get that Massage!! :-D
Love and Light, Nina P.

H.K. said...

This is a great poem, as I was reading it, I just kept nodding my head! It is important to listen to our body. I realize when I take care of my body, my spirit feels better and I'm a more patient mom!

Duke said...

AS the saying goes" a true sign of old age is when you walk on the floor in the morning and you realize those cracking sounds are you and not the floor"! However, you are still a kid!

Janna Qualman said...

Loved this! Especially after you told us what brought it about. Made it real, palpable.

T Rex Mom said...

I wonder what poem would be inspired about a good massage?!?

Karen (KayKay) said...

I love it and love the idea that it was inspired by goosebumps!

Michelle said...

That really spoke to me, although it's definitely something that reminds me that I need to get my act together. Thanks, Kelly!

Randi said...

Loved that last line: "The soul cannot join
to a body pure mechanical." How very true, yet how often do we do things mechanically? We, as you say, become soul-less when we are mechanical. I have to remember that. That line alone makes an excellent quote!

Kim said...

Yes I agree with T Rex mom - I'll bet a good massage would inspire beautiful poetry!
Although I think you are a true poet that so much inspires you and you don't require a certain atmosphere and certain circumstances to have poetry flow out of you.

christy rose said...

Go get one! I need one too! My husband gives great messages! I think I am due for one. I will be hinting tonight!

Dan said...

The older I get, the more I ache. Especially upon first getting up in the morning when there is little chance of a massage.

That's it - I need a Swedish masseuse to wake me up each morning and start my day!

The Writing Instinct said...

You are an amazing mother. But it is time you did do something for you. Take time out, a massage or even plan for a day *without any plans* for anyone other than yourself, to have a coffee somewhere with a good book *and* a massage. It can happen. You *can* do it. You deserve it.


Sneaky Momma said...

You totally deserve a massage!
I know exactly what you mean. As mommies, our poor bodies seem to take the brunt of everything with very little care in return. I'm working on changing this for myself. :)
Have a great weekend, Kelly!

Don said...

As I read, I think... "All the world's a prompt... for my next wise crack." so here goes, a poetic wise-crack.

Other Signals

No massage.
No more cake.
Hips don't lie.

But if you feel the urge to go...
Especially if it's number two.

Evict the kids,
from the wedding bed.

Sleep better.
Stretch more.

Have a glass of wine.
Read that book.

Signal back.

Gerri said...

Awesome. I love how your mind works. I'm glad your mind is trying to get some relief for your body. Go get that massage honey. :)