Thursday, August 6, 2009

I dare you to...

I can still hear my childhood friend's voice in my mind as she would say, "Kelly, I DOUBLE DARE you to..." I thought it might be fun to see what kind of things you guys would "willingly" try.

Let's pretend that we have that same daring spirit of a 9 year old.

Each dare has two choices for your consideration:


I dare you to wear a bikini (girls) or speedo (boys)


have a SAFE minivan drag race past the police station.


I dare you to bungee jump


eat some exotic insect delicacy.


I dare you to do a comedy act at a club


attempt to dance at a ballet practice

I know that this is silly, but I felt so serious yesterday. Time for a little fun :)

Here are my answers: I think I'll drag race. The bikini makes me more nervous than the cops. I would bungee jump. There is no way that I can eat a bug, even if dipped in chocolate :) And of course, I'll try ballet. You know how I would get a vicarious "dancing thrill" being with all those professional dancers. (To all my So You Think You Can Dance buddies, who do you think is going to win? I have a feeling that it may be Jeanine.)

So which dare would you pick? Thanks for humoring me with this one! Happy Thursday!


kisatrtle said...

I think I already ate some bugs at camp this week. does that count?

Unknown said...

I would definitely choose the ballet dance because I think it is fun to embarrass myself once in a while. And, Brandon or Jeanine will win for sure. I'm thinking Jeanine also! I'm going to miss that show - thank goodness it's coming back in the fall.

Mandy said...

Dare 1 - I'd drag race. I'm right there with you on anxiety over a bikini but I shouldn't be after the beach whales I saw recently at my conference! :-O

Dare 2 - Well, I grew up eating mudbugs (crawfish) and fried frog legs etc. So I'd say that I'd do BOTH. I'm just daring like that. ;-)

Dare 3 - BOTH. I'd be nervous as hell to do a comedy routine but I think that if I just sat and told stories about my family and childhood, that people would laugh. And although ballet is not my favorite kind of dance, I'd do it.

Great fun Kelly! I'm glad you're feeling silly today!

Heather said...

HOW FUN!! I love the idea of this :)

Hmm... Since I got a speeding ticket last month, I should probably opt for the bikini on the first one - even as scary as that seems. At least it won't cost me $175 and another mark on my driving record!

Second one - DEFINITELY the bungee jumping. No bugs going in this mouth!!

And Third - Uhhg... I'd probably throw up if I had to get on stage in front of people, but I also have ZERO dance moves (or grace) so ballet would be tough. OOOH I know.. I could do ballet ON STAGE - that would be a comedy act all of itself :)

Mari said...

I say none of them! However - if I need to choose I'll take the drag race, the bug and the ballet dancing although it could count as comedy too!

Kitten said...

Dare #1: Bikini. I live in an area where there's a LOT of drag racing, and I don't think there's such a thing as SAFE drag racing.

Dare #2: This is a hard choice! I'd have to go with the bungee jumping. I don't want to ralph the bug n' guts in front of the whole world.

Dare #3: Comedy routine. Easy choice. I'd love to do standup--even for just one night.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Kelly, you are so stinkin' funny! I busted out laughing when I read this...with a darling hubby asking me what was so funny in here.

Here goes:

Dare 1: Bikini - my hubby and I agreed I'd be happy to run around the house in an old bikini (just in front of him -- you didn't say to the POOL or out in PUBLIC!).

Dare 2: I'd be up for trying an exotic insect delicacy. Since I've been told that shrimp are basically insects...I'd just have to get over it and realize the "ewww factor" is just a social concept. I always wanted to bungee jump, too. But not so much these days.

Dare 3: Does dancing during my 5 year old's ballet practice count? If not, I'm speaking at an upcoming birth conference and it'll sorta be a comedy act. Hmmm, I wonder if birth humor would be as funny in a club as it is to a bunch of doulas and midwives.

Have a super day!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

Bungee jumping, that's it!

Kim said...

Kelly, I can't believe you would bungee jump!! I am such a coward when it comes to physical feats and there is no way I can even look at a bug up close let alone eat one! I would probably try the stand up act if I had some time to practice ahead of time and I choose the topic.

Thanks for your email!

Don said...

Eat a bug... but then... for me... that's the least "daring" thing to do.

Here's a question from a book I'm reading: "What would you do/attempt/be if your success were guaranteed?"

This is a grown-up's version of... I dare you.

I dare you to define your dreams!

PS: Last night I dreamed someone was trying to get me to dance in front of a crowd. I turned them down. I thought, "I'm old enough to resist a dare. I'll choose my own brand of risk/embarrassment, thank you very much."


Good to be a Queen said...

Does a Tankini count...I never passed up a dare as a child and I am even worse as I have gotten older...Everything except for Bungee Jumping...I don't like heights...

Aleta said...

I'd give the same answers as you, but I'd go for the chocolate covered bug if it was something like a grasshopper... then again.. lol.... maybe not.

T Rex Mom said...

I could never do dares - I'd just plead "I'm a chicken, you win."

But I could definitely do the ballet class since I danced ballet for many years. So that would be a safe dare there!

Jillien said...

Bring on the bikini! I'm not brave enough to race around the po po's .

Yummy! Insects! Could never jump off anything.

Put me in a tutu. Trying to be funny is terrifying!

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Ooooohhhh....#1. I would drag race past the popo's. You know, at 40 mph in a 35mph zone. #2: no and no. #3: Definitely dance, though I have absolutely NO coordination whatsoever!

This was fun, Kelly! Have a great weekend! :)

Haley said...

Drag race, bunjee jump, and DANCE! even though white girl has no rhythm... =\ thanks for the fun post!

Anonymous said...

LoL, ok I will drag race, I'm more inclined to eat a bug as long as it's not a grub (too much pus, unless you fry it)and I will definitely dance at ballet practice. Love the post!

Have a great weekend :)

Ms Perfect said...

This is fun! I chose the same answers as you, but I don't know about jumping. Too scary. Eat a bug and then upchuck for a few days. LOL

Wendy said...

I thought Jeanine was going to win too! and she did! i am so happy for her. she was one of my favorites! i am kind of bummed out that it is over...but there is an new fall season! yay!

Gerri said...

I don't have the guts to do dare 1 or 2. :) But I love to dance. :)

Jenners said...

#1: A bikini ... the insurance company can't raise my rates for that if caught

#2: Bungee jump ... I've always kind of sort of wanted to try and this is all fake, right?

#3: Comedy act --- I actually DID this in real life!!! I took an adult night class in Stand Up Comedy and we had to write an original act and perform at a local club. It was horrific!!!! It was so hard. All my coworkers came to support me/laugh at me. I have it on VHS tape somewhere.