Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday High Five

Friday High Five time with Angela, over at Angela's Adventures and Minor Mishaps. Today I'll share with you what I hear from the backseat peanut gallery when I drive.
  1. "Everyone have their helmets on?" - husband's favorite comment

  2. "Do you have to let everyone go?" - I like to help someone out when it's a tricky left.

  3. "Mom, do we have to listen to your music?" - Sorry kids. I need my sanity music.

  4. "Kids, we'll get there eventually." - husband's second favorite comment

  5. "Mom, is the A/C on all the way?" - They want it to feel like a freezer.
Have some fun and join in with Angela. Happy Friday everyone!


Wendy said...

yeah, i am always getting the MOM is the A/c on question! they like it full blast!

shabby girl said...

So cute! My kids used to always ask, how much longer! Our answer was ALWAYS, about an hour. It got to be pretty funny. No matter where we were or how long, it was always an hour.

T Rex Mom said...

Silly peanut gallery!

Right now all I get is, "That?" from T Rex and "Both hands on the wheel" from my hubby.

Christy said...

Your husband thinks he's funny. Doesn't he? :) Mine, too. Funny kids. Glad you are having a good Friday. :)

Warren Baldwin said...

I hear this one, too, "Mom, do we have to listen to your music?" Except, of course, it is "Dad." What do they have against our music?

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

"Dad, what'd you call that driver that cut you off? I need to add it to my list of new vocabulary words..."

Lori Lynn said...

Especially getting a chuckle about the helmets.

pughy said...

LOL I remember well. Thanks for the memory lane trips.. Carol and GJ x

PS I would love to see your little one too. I am sure she would love GJ as he loves children..

Gerri said...

lol. Noah gives me grief about my music too. :)

Kim said...

I'm assuming I'll hear some of this in my future. Especially about the music. I always dread being the driver when Shaune's in the car. He's always finding something I'm doing wrong and you know what, I'm a better driver when it's just me and Deaglan.

Jenners said...

Wow! I thought MY husband was the most annoying person to have ride along but I stand corrected ... YOUR husband is!

Becca said...

HA! Autumn has already taken over the music by requesting her favorite song over and over the ENTIRE time we are riding! Love the helmets comment but I am sure that could be annoying :P

Don said...

"Don't worry kids. It's just another one of your dad's 'long-cuts,'" is what I used to tell the kids as a short trip somewhere got inexplicably longer as I missed a turn, got lost, etc.

"All roads lead to where I'm going," was a companion comment.

I guess I was preempting their comments with my own admissions.


PS: You listen to your music? I loved "Sing along with Marci," "Music Machine," and the rest of the kids' song tapes. Everything I needed to know in life... I learned from kids' music... ie "There was a snail named Herbert..." on patience.