Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Those nagging questions

Here are some questions that may pop in my mind on any given day:
  1. How did the kids manage to get a ball stuck there?
  2. I have five minutes to myself. Time to hide so I can read the last 2 pages of my book. The kids are coming. Which big kid can I bribe (with food) to keep the little ones at bay?
  3. Where is that teeny, tiny doll shoe? My daughter won't accept substitutes.
  4. What's for dinner? What's for dinner? What's for dinner?
  5. How did that laundry pile grow so much from this morning?
  6. Where is my cell phone in this black hole of a pocketbook?
  7. Should I go for the second big cookie?
  8. Where did all the pencils go? Now I need to write my list with a crayon.
  9. Should I wear comfortable shorts or try those zipper ones?
  10. Who erased Daddy's show from the DVR?
Happy Tuesday!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

1. That was the whole point of the game.
2. Bribe them all.
3. Paint shoes on the doll's feet.
4. Pizza.
5. Need to hire new laundry girl.
6. Underneath checkbook.
7. No.
8. Pencils and pens all went to mysterious side dimension and will never return. Dried up markers and pens never leave, however.
9. Comfort over practicality.
10. Daddy watches too much TV anyway. F*ck it.

Glad to clear that up for ya!

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Too funny! I'd be lucky to find a blank piece of paper to make a list on - let alone a pencil!!


Creativity!! said...

Funny :D Happy Tuesday To You Too :D

Pegsy said...

#10 - Uh-Oh! Does Daddy know yet?!

And you totally need to go with the comfortable shorts - unless you're going out on a date with your sweetheart!

Oh, and we bribe our kids with food and T.V. to leave us alone on Saturday mornings so we can sleep in! lol

becomingkate said...

Everything in my bag is black - the make up bag, the wallet, my eyeglass case and the phone. I can't find a thing either!

T Rex Mom said...

I can totally relate to the dinner one - every day! I think I'll have to devise one of these lists too - very cleaver!

Joanne said...

#4 The age-old question. What's for dinner? That one gets me every week. I have good intentions and try to plan out several dinners in advance, in my thoughts anyways. From there, though, they don't always make it to the stove!

pughy said...

I relate to the bag thing. My hubby calls my bag the bottomless pit..I carry my life around in my bag...


Momma Miller said...


#2 - I need 5 minutes to pee!!
#5 - It's just never ending, isn't it?! Ugh!
#8 - I can't tell you how many times I've had to do this. I've even written with lipstick or eyeliner just cause it's all I had. LOL
#9 - My shoe stash dwindled from like 20 pair down to about 3 when I became a mom. SERIOUSLY! I have maybe 6 pair, but only 2 or 3 that I regularly wear--tennies and sandals.


Randi said...

When in doubt, ALWAYS go for the second cookie.

I loved #6. One of life's great mysteries is how you can put something in the top of your purse, but when you go to find it, it has somehow worked its way to the bottom of the purse underneath things you forgot were even in there.

Jillien said...

LMAO @ Jack Sh* Gettin Fit. The answers were almost as good as the questions.

Kelly, you about summed up my entire life with just a few minor detail changes lol.

Kim said...

This was great. I relate to some of these - purse, second cookie, comfy shorts or fancy shorts!

I usually go for the second cookie - life's too short:)

Warren Baldwin said...

Sometimes these daily questions get so annoying they seem oppressive. We can't allow them to keep us from living! But, I try to look at them as a reminder that I am still alive, that the daily routines, and even annoyances, are sometimes the stuff of life. My daughter just told me her car is acting up. I don't have time to look at it! But then I think, do I have time to NOT look at it? Besides saving money on more serious car repair later, it might be a chance to bond a little more with her.

As always, good post, with good things to think about.

And thanks for your nice comment about the Col Rockies. As much as I, too, love the enthusiasm for the sports arena, I sometimes wonder why we have such a hard time manufacturing even a portion of that on Sunday morning :)!

kisatrtle said...

Definately comfy shorts!

LuAnn said...


Banteringblonde said...

omg i am so laughing because I was just taking notes with a crayon!

Jenners said...

So funny!

And the answer to #7: ALWAYS!

Michelle said...

1) Special kid magic
2) Neither. It'll never work, and you know it.
3) Gone until you give up. It's best to just avoid dolls with small accessories at all costs.
4) Pizza?
5) More kid magic. They've got skillz
6) Also gone. I find leaving it in my pocket to be more effective. Sometimes I even feel it ring so I can answer it that way.
7) AbsoLUTEly.
8) It doesn't really matter. You're going to lose the list anyway.
9) Zipper, pride (and regret) of the zipper.
10) You did. And you know you did. You're only playing innocent to stave off blame.

Oh. Wait. Those questions were directed at you, weren't they? Oops :)

The Write Girl said...

You have such a busy day. I admire you for juggling kids, chores, and blogging!! Wow, that's a handful. I can relate to the cell phone situation. I always manage to lose mine. I'm guessing your husband is not too thrilled with #10. Nice Top 10!!

rightonmom said...

Loved that list! Those crayons, think they're called Krayola Tips or something, let you shade and contour. My lists look 10x better when I use them!

Wendy said...

I cant ever find my cell phone in my big old bag either....and dinner! oh that is such an issue in my house!

Sabrina said...

Oh, what's for dinner....the bane of my existence!!! ACK!

Anonymous said...

I've asked myself many of those same questions at times!!

Caitlin said...

Hilarious! A few of those are popping into my head now-a-days too!

Caroline said...

LOL!!! So very very true!

Anonymous said...

Always go for the comfortable shorts!!!

Mon said...

This is a funny list. It looks like I only thought I had your rss feed. I've been missing out.