Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun and Games with Jenners: Lit Riffs

The amazingly talented and hilarious Jenners, over at Life With A Little One and More, is hosting a terrific game called Lit Riffs. What a creative way for all of us to have some fun!

Here are Jenners' directions for this version of "Fun and Games with Jenners":

Choose a song. Write a short story inspired by the song or explaining more about the story told in the song.

I chose the song, "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by The Rolling Stones. This is one of my favorite Stones' songs so I thought I would take a shot and see if I could come up with something original. According to my song research, I found out that this song may be referring to drugs. Big surprise, I know! Well, since I try to run a family-friendly blog, I'm going to go my own quirky route with this song interpretation.

In case, someone out there needs a Stones' refresher on how this song goes (wonder what Mick Jagger would recommend for a refresher) :

"Jumpin' Jack Flash"

I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the driving rain,
But its all right now, in fact, its a gas!
But its all right. Im jumpin jack flash,
Its a gas! gas! gas!

I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag,
I was schooled with a strap right across my back,
But its all right now, in fact, its a gas!
But its all right, Im jumpin jack flash,
Its a gas! gas! gas!

I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead.
I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled.
I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I was crowned with a spike right thru my head.
But its all right now, in fact, its a gas!
But its all right, Im jumpin jack flash,
Its a gas! gas! gas!

Jumping jack flash, its a gas
Jumping jack flash, its a gas
Jumping jack flash, its a gas
Jumping jack flash, its a gas
Jumping jack flash

I know, reminds you of Shakespeare :)

Here is my short, short story inspired by these lyrics.


There goes that head of black Gabe Kotter curls bobbing up and down the high school hallway. Lanky and quiet, Jack meanders through our school like a visitor from a world far away. As his guidance counselor, I meet with him once a week to go over any school or family issues. Mumbling his answers, Jack isn't thrilled with what he calls my "weekly interrogation". A bright kid with moments of brilliance, the principal and I want to keep him on the right track and not see him trapped in a life dictated by his belligerent mother. Reminiscent of one of those Macbeth hags around the fire, his mother's stare almost sent 50 year old me running home to Mommy. It has become my personal crusade to save this unlikely hero from a life of verbal and maybe, physical abuse. We're hoping that Jack's passion for chemistry will be his ticket out.

Beaten down by years of his mother's tirades, Jack doesn't seem to think he has a voice of his own. Six feet tall with barely audible responses to teachers or kids, Jack lumbers along through his school day, not acknowledging anyone. Today's science fair turned out to be Jack's debut. When it was his turn to present, Jack began his experiment with care and concentration. All of a sudden, a flash sparked and ignited Jack's sleeve. Jumping all over the place, Jack put out the flame quickly. Glad that he was all right, our quick-witted science teacher patted Jack on the back and said, "Here is our very own Jumpin' Jack Flash." With a smirk, Jack shrugs with the comment, "That was some cool gas." I think Jack will be all right. The Chemistry Club could use a tall guy as their bodyguard.

I had to get the word "gas" in here somewhere. Not too sure if it is any good, but at least I had some fun. And that's the point, right? You should read Jenners' short story! It is amazing! Run over to Jenners' blog and join in the fun.


Heather said...

Good job! Very creative! :)

Lane said...

Very nice! As a teacher I 'know' that kid. I see him all the time. Nice to see him come out on top.

Dani said...

:) This made me giggle a bit at the end. :) Pretty fun idea- that would be a HARD song to write a story about... I wouldn't have even tried. Great job!

Joanne said...

Love that concept to write a song inspired by song lyrics. Music moves us in so many ways, but I hadn't thought of this one before. You did a great job, very entertaining. (I love that song, too).

Kim said...

Hmmm...I see short story writing becoming regular entries on this blog. I had no idea of the different levels of meanings in this Stones songs - saw a reference to Jesus too.

Great idea for a post!

PS that post today - my mother-in-laws sister actually said that to me - "she's just like you -she doesn't cook or clean either." That was what my post on gossip was referring to - my mother-in-law gossiping to her sister about me. I was so upset and I came home and cried and thought about calling her and giving her a piece of my mind but decided to take the high road - very difficult. So I did the post on gossip and then the one today on changes. I knew you would know where I was coming from!

Jenners said...

I would have never in a million years come up with this story based on this song! It was so unexpected! You really do create a sense of poor Jack and his horrible mother. Thanks for playing! : )

The Write Girl said...

I like this one very much. Nicely done Septembermom. That song has great lyrics also. : )

rightonmom said...

I'm sure Mick himself would be proud! That was great! And a great song too.

Banteringblonde said...

what a cool idea .. you did great!

Sneaky Momma said...

Nicely done! I love your take on that song. Poor fella.

Sandra Stiles said...

I loved it. You did an excellent job.

kaye said...

sad song, good story. It's nice to have hope for a better way. If you want to read my story It’s here.