Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun and Games with Jenners Genre Mix up Game

The always inspiring and creative Jenners has come up with another fun game over at Life With A Little One and More. Her latest game is titled "Genre Mix ups".

Here is Jenners' idea:

Think of two types of books/authors/stories/genres that are wildly different. Then come up with a title of a book that combines the two -- along with a sample paragraph or two.

After kicking around a couple of possibilities, I came up with this idea for a character "invasion" of a favorite children's classic story. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein would like to audition for the wolf role in the classic children's story, "The Three Little Pigs". And so the play begins.



The scene opens with three portly, serious pigs sitting at a conference table in the cozy living room of a well fortified brick home.

HAY LOVER PIG: How many more applicants can we look at in one day?
STICK LOVER PIG: I think there is only one left. Hopefully, he has just what we need.
BRICK LOVER PIG: Why did that wolf decide to go to Fiji? Finding a replacement is not easy. Brother pigs, have some patience. We may get lucky with this next guy.

Two figures enter the room. Eight feet tall and grunting figure glares at pigs. Five foot tall weasel like figure slides up next to the table.

WHEELER DEALER AGENT: As you can see here, I have just the villain for you. Imposing, threatening and ready to work right away. Also, he has power house lungs that could blow down with a hurricane force.

STICK LOVER PIG: (nervously) I don't know if he has the look we are going for. Our readers are used to a wolf as the villain. Thank you for coming, but....

WHEELER DEALER AGENT: (pushy) Let him read for you. His delivery will knock you off your hooves.

Hay Lover Pig nervously hands script to Frankenstein. Large hands crumple up paper. Agent quickly flattens it out and points to page for Frankenstein to begin his audition.


BRICK LOVER PIG: Sorry, but our wolf has to be able to say his lines. We're not looking for the tall, dark, caveman type. Thank you for coming, but...

Frankenstein charges table and splits it in two with his fists. Stick Lover Pig grabs a burning log from the fireplace and waves it in front of Frankenstein.

WHEELER DEALER AGENT: We're out of here. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood will appreciate your raw talent. (He stops, looks at Frankenstein's scratched up hand. )
Why did I waste all that money on your manicure for this?

Wheeler Dealer Agent leads Frankenstein away through stage exit right. Curtain.

You should run over to Jenners' blog to see her hilarious genre mix ups. Maybe you will also get inspired and want to link up too!


Mommy's Nintendo said...

Soooo funny! What a great way to start the weekend!!

Tonya said...

Wonderful! I love the "audition" idea. It makes me think of the cartoon where the pigs are actually friends with the wolf when they're not working on their "show."

shabby girl said...

Loved the weasel! Perfect.

Lane said...

Me like Frankenstein. Him cool. Mean pigs! Like to make bacon out of mean pigs.

Enjoyed the story immensely.

Juliet Colors said...

Teehee! Very clever. :-)

Jenners said...

This was fantastic! I LOVE IT! What a creative angle to use! And I love your Weasel agent ... and the wolf taking off for Fiji! And the play format! This was so funny and creative! Everyone is doing such great stuff on this one -- like I knew you could!! Thank you for playing ... I just love this.

The Write Girl said...

This is really fun Septembermom. I think you and the kids should make a performance out of this one. So creative. I didn't know you were a playwright : )

H.K. said...

I loved this!!!!!! This was sooo creative and I agree with Write Girl, you can add playwright in your resumee!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! I wish I had such an imagination!

Seini Photography said...

Wanted to drop in and say thank for visiting my blog. It means alot to get compliments on a craft that I'm still learning and loving so much about. Love the playwright! Amazingly brilliant!

Caitlin said...

I love it! Hilarious and so creative! Great idea.

Dani said...

So fun! Love your take on this! :)

Anonymous said...