Saturday, March 28, 2009

Show time is approaching

Imagine organizing a bunch of fidgety, excited kindergarteners into a group of focused, choreographed performers. That is what my son's music teacher has been trying to accomplish for the past few weeks. If you were to take a peek in the auditorium during rehearsals, you would see all those adorable little faces lighting up when their music teacher applauds for a job well done. These young ones benefit so much from an early introduction to music appreciation. My kindergartener is so excited to come home and share his songs with all of us. Each night after dinner, he demonstrates the cute choreographed movements that will accompany the songs. At this young age, they are especially open to the joy of expressing themselves in music. They get so immersed in the whole experience; they don't overanalyze their performance. Even shyer kids like my son seem to get a burst of self-confidence when singing. Music education helps shape the whole child in a number of ways.

Like many school districts across the country, my school district will be cutting many teaching positions. Unfortunately, my son's school will lose this dedicated music teacher. Their music program next year will be limited since all of the schools will need to share a "floating" music teacher. All of the kids will be wondering where their favorite music teacher is next year.

The spring kindergarten show is a couple of days away. Led by a caring, enthusiastic music teacher, the kindergarten players will put on a sweet, fun performance for all of us to enjoy. As a parent, your heart swells with pride and love when you wave back to your smiling child at the end of a great show.

Those cute waves don't last forever. So enjoy them now. When the kids get older, they are often more "serious" as they stand on the stage. Unless they are musically inclined, the older ones want to look "cool" and not look too excited. Middle school kids are definitely more self-conscious when up on the stage. When I look at my older kids, I try to flashback to their kindergarten days. It's nice to remember that twinkle in a child's eye when belting out a sweet song like "Friendship".

I'm sad that our school's music program will not be as rich next year, but I know that this week's kindergarten extravanganza will be a real crowd pleaser :)

Enjoy your Saturday! I think I'll go rehearse with my kindergartener now.
Those songs just get stuck in your head :)


Jim Pankey said...

Music is a great influence on everyone---it's too bad that greedy investors has cost your child the opportunity for artistic education. But that is not the only source.

Kim said...

I am so looking forward to these kinds of events as my son gets older. For now I'll live vicariously through you. Canadian schools are being hit too. Many of my family and friends are teachers and their tenures with a school depend heavily on the amount of extra-curricular coaching/teaching they are willing to do. It's sad that money keeps on going to places like the "war fund" but precious dollars get taken out of places like the "education fund". It makes you wonder about our nations' priorities.

Kim said...
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Dani said...

How wonderful to have such a great music teacher- I remember doing things like that in elementary school too- that teacher is so wonderful for the school.

H.K. said...

I loved your description of your child's music program. It sucks BIG TIME that there are so many wonderful programs being cut from the schools.

I agree that the older the child gets the more self conscious they are when performing. My son's been in some type of choir since he was 5 years old. He performs well at 16, but there's something more endearing when they're on the stage at 5! Have a great weekend!

T Rex Mom said...

Have a great time at the program. Music is good for kids. I started playing the piano when I was 8 and have loved it since. It is something that is always with me.

I cannot wait to see my little guy in his first program!

Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Oh how fun for you and your son! That is a pretty cool program. I don't know what our school does, but I hope it's good. I really should know what our specials are.

Our district isn't being hit too hard -- with over 13,000 students across twelve schools, we are losing only 13 positions next year (positions, not teachers necessarily). The district next to us already laid off all non-tenured teachers and is cutting fourth and fifth grade band and orchestra next year. More to come, I'm sure!

LuAnn said...

How sad to lose such an asset to your school.
Enjoy the program !!! Take some pictures and show us.

Jenners said...

Thanks for the advice! My son's Pre-K class is working on some songs for his "graduation" and sometimes he gives me a sneak peek and I just love it. I cant' wait for the big show! And it is a just a shame, shame, shame that schools cut music programs... when will we learn???

Anonymous said...