Thursday, February 19, 2009

That missing ingredient

My latest fascination is cooking shows. As a cook with a lot to learn, I enjoy getting technique tips and recipe ideas. Food Network has so many informative shows with engaging, talented chefs. I also like watching inventive, creative chefs developing new recipes on the fly during recipe competition shows. When it comes time to stand before the judges, a chef may be put on the spot and asked why a certain ingredient was not chosen to make the dish pop with flavor. The chef may have thought that the dish had everything it needed. Juggling so many ingredient ideas and flavor profiles must make even the most experienced chefs' head spin in such a fast paced competition. The smallest addition of just the right ingredient could have made all the difference in putting forth a great dish and maybe winning a big prize.

I know that there is a missing ingredient in my life. What it is right now, I couldn't say. I'm blessed to have a wonderful family and days filled with health and happiness. However, I still have this nagging feeling that something is missing. I'm trying to look for outside interests that may add this missing 'ingredient" to my life recipe. I don't know if that will make the difference or not. Even as a young girl, I had this feeling of incompleteness. I consider myself to be a creative person, always striving to push the limits of self-expression. Maybe I'm supposed to always be missing an ingredient. I may need that feeling of incompleteness in order to push me to create more. I don't get the chance to write poetry as often as I would like. It may be a good idea for me to schedule a little block of time for creativity. Each poem could be a new ingredient to add to my life recipe. We'll see what I can cook up!


Teri said...

I love a challenge in my life, always have. Sometimes that challenge isn't so fun, but that is what has kept me inspired. Maybe there is something in your life that you have dared not attempt but might need to? I love that you are aware of this and are trying to find your missing ingredient.

A Closet Writer said...

I agree with Teri, I think it's great that your trying to find that "missing ingredient" in your life. I too am on that same journey, trying to figure out what that missing feeling is all about. I like that you're going to schedule creativity time, which is what I should do, instead of trying to do it after cooking, cleaning, picking up kids, etc.

CDB said...

Hi! I popped over from Pictures, Poetry & Prose, to say how much I enjoyed your poem (that's my toddler running on the beach!) I enjoyed this post and love the thoughtfulness. I'm finding I have the same void, and blogging is filling that in a bit for me.

I look forward to the fruits of your creative process!

Jenners said...

I know what you mean ... I've often had that feeling. Blogging is doing so much to fill this empty space, and I hope you find what you need too! But I think we always need a little of this or I think we would stop growing as people.

And I love the Food Network competition shows about cakes!

Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

You've written this so well. The thought has come across so clearly. I think it's good to always be learning and growing more. I believe that God has something good in store for you and you don't have to feel like something is always missing. I'm sure we all go through those times, but you can go through it!! Hope you find what you're looking for! I'll be praying for you.


laurie said...

sometimes that ingredient turns out to be TIME SQUANDERED. and i mean that in a good way--remember as kids, how we just whiled away the day doing nothing at all? wandering through ravines, picking flowers, lying on our stomachs in the grass watching ants, reading Nancy Drew, riding our bikes up and down the same stretch of alley?

you need a day to squander. see what you do with it.