Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stirred by the Snow

It is snowing outside my window. I love looking at the trees outlined in a thin layer of snow. An overall sense of wonder and calmness come upon me simultaneously while taking in this view. Soon my house will be filled with tons of energy and laughter as my kids get home early due to the snow. It is nice to sit here for a few moments and relax with my thoughts before my kid army "storms" the home front. When I'm looking for inspiration, nature often provides me with just the boost I need to get started. If I'm sitting at a bus stop waiting for my kids, I will try and find some little "muse" of nature, even if it is just a tattered little leaf hanging loosely off its stem. Somehow a thought or emotion will come over me and push me to write a few lines of a poem. I work hard to fit these moments for creativity in my busy day. Even if I'm the only one to read my poem, I have to make that effort to express what I'm feeling in a creative way. Sometimes I can feel that creative urge between something as routine as making sandwiches for the kids. Then I'll take a break to write a few lines on a napkin or scrap paper, whatever is handy. I don't want to lose those thoughts so I will stop for a moment to get those thoughts or images written down.

The snow is steady and quiet. Soon my home will be unpredictable and loud with the happiness of kids free from the classroom. Happy kids bring about their own kind of creative, poetic energy. Maybe I'll find my next inspiration for a poem watching my kids act "naturally".

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