Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainbow on my stairs

Every once in a while, my galloping kids will stop in their tracks to see a small rainbow lighting up a small spot on my stairs. With the excitement of an archaeologist finding a rare dinosaur bone, my kids will keep yelling for me until I show up to share their discovery. My young ones, especially, will camp out next to the little rainbow visitor and put their hands out so the rainbow can dance on them for a while. This rainbow fascination fades quickly, but that brief wonder in their faces makes a lasting impression on me.

Growing up in the city, I didn't have many opportunities to roll around in the grass and examine all the beautiful wonders of nature. Luckily, my kids get to be junior nature observers every day. A lady bug flies by and my three year old daughter zooms around the yard trying to catch it. My five year old son tracks the movement of those fuzzy caterpillars climbing up our front tree. These outside moments of discovery will be here soon with the first spring flowers. This city girl will probably be the first one in my household to walk my yard and smile that it is spring. I'll have to run back in and push my older kids away from the video games and get that fresh air in their lungs. My young ones won't need that push. Isn't it nice when young kids get a natural jolt from outside play? My older guys have been cabin dwellers too long with their video games. Hopefully, my family will also "bloom" once more with excitement and activity in the beautiful outdoors.


Jenners said...

This was lovely! We have a little spot at the top of the stairs where you can often see rainbows at certain times in the morning and my son and I just love playing with them -- putting them on our hands and stuff. I really like how you write!

I can't wait to see what bad writing you can come up with for me!

And I'm glad you found the blogging tips helpful in my post today! I know I did -- it was like a goldmine over there!

A Closet Writer said...

The description of your children's adventure at the top of the stairs brought a smile to my face. The miracle about children is that they find beauty in almost everything that they see.