Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Happy Child Performer

I can hear my daughter sing a melody of her own creation as she dances with her dolls. She just bursts into these little songs as she plays throughout the day. Her three year old world is so full of wonder, imagination and joy. I get a kick out of hearing her add funny details to her songs. If she catches me watching her, she will add cute gestures or facial expressions to keep my interest. Isn't it great to see how little children feel so free to express themselves through song, dance or storytelling in the comfort of their home. The young child's creative spark can't help but light up a home. If I'm having a particularly stressful day, I can forget some of my worries as I watch my little fairy princess singing her favorite Cinderella song as she twirls about.

Children have a natural desire to express themselves through music. They get to sing and dance without any concern about criticism or technique. They just jump right into the music and allow the song to drive their happiness if even for a few moments.

So feel free to sing and see if you found another little way to create some happiness!


French Fancy said...

Your love and delight with your daughter shines out from your words. It is lovely.

laurie said...

i love that un-self-consciousness when they sing and dance and don't realize anyone is watching.

Caroline said...

So funny you post about child is sitting across the room humming a little tune. I love when she does that. I think children that sing and hum are happy...and music is a natural expression of happiness. It's too bad many of us stop this as we get older and more self conscious.