Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'll give you another 10

Check me out - 2 days in a row.  Here I go with another ten about me since I was playfully tagged by my lovely friend, Yvonne.

  1. I can mold brownie crumbs from the pan into a decent size chocolate morsel at lunch.
  2. Now my belly's itchy...ugh! poison ivy please leave me be.
  3. Jillian loved moving in slow motion during her ballet class.
  4. I guess I should have the cleanest house in town since I'm kid free for 3 hours.  Can I have the whole school year to reach that goal?  Please??
  5. Haven't seen Maury Povich show in years. Whole lotta screaming and carrying on gets ratings apparently.
  6. My kids think that my 4th grade religion class today will walk all over me.  They said that I can't make a tough enough face. I'll try to win them over with charm.  No chocolate bribery allowed...figures.
  7. My 25 year high school reunion is coming up. Please tell me that the reunion committee rounded up that number by a decade.
  8. Apparently, the closest I'm getting to a fantasy experience is playing in my son's fantasy hockey league.
  9. I need a poetry pick me up or something. The words are not happening. I need to calm this moving mind.
  10. I'm happy to knock on all your doors over the next few days here in bloggyland. Can you feel my big virtual hug?  Sorry that I can't share that brownie morsel.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for taking part in the tag.

A big, big thank you for reading all those poems and lovely comments.The one about the worst films was not meant to seem funny but most people saw it that way.

Have a good day.

the wild magnolia said...

I loved this, hey everyone, this is me (meaning you), I'm still here and witty as ever.

No chocolate morsels, bahahahaw. : (


Jenners said...

Honestly, I think you deserve to enjoy that brownie morsel all on your own. In fact, make yourself a secret batch of brownies and enjoy them.

Valerie said...

Regrettably I turned down a brownie yesterday. What a sin! I think I'll start listing the things I do in a day... don't worry, there won't be any competition.

No.1. Hmmmm, sucks pencil, wondering.... what DID I do today?

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Cute post. Except for the poison ivy. Yikes. Hope you get relief soon!

Gerri said...

Oh no poison ivy!!! Feel better soon my friend. ;)

Kim said...

I too can get quite enterprising when it comes to scrounging up dessert in my bare cupboards. I've been desperate enough to get into the kids' chocolate milk syrup.

Kelly, they had my twenty year reunion last year! Thank goodness I was pregnant with Naveen. At least I could pretend that I was still young. I can always feel your hugs my friend!!

T Rex Mom said...

Virtual hug coming your way. Some virtual chocolate, too - it's calorie free!

I've missed your poetry - housework can wait, poetry cannot.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I missed something. when did you get poison ivy? I just realized my 20 year reunion is fast approaching...thanks for the reminder. We should agree to both go as our younger sisters!
I hope you find some poetry inspiration soon. Thanks for the hug!

Randi said...

I do that same thing with brownie crumbs!

It is no surprise that you are raising a little dancer. I loved when my girls were in dance classes. I lived for their recitals.

Shhh...it's been 33 years since I graduated from high school. :)

I am wishing you some quality poetry time...

Linda Myers said...

What a great way to create a chocolate morsel!

kisatrtle said...

A great post

shabby girl said...

Your page is gorgeous! Turning leaves full of color is one of the few things that make summer waning okay.
My mom and I used to joke that someone had to clean up the brownie pan when others left a crooked edge or crumbs behind!

The Write Girl said...

What a sweet post. I hope you can catch a breather and write one of your amazing short stories. You are a terrific writer.

Susan Fobes said...

Oh I wish you hadn't said brownie-LOL! My pants grew tighter for some reason so I cut out all sugary foods...except for the pie I made recently. It's fruit right?

The words or ideas aren't flowing well with my writing either, so I thought I would stop by :)