Thursday, October 14, 2010

A real quick poetry quickfire and some randomness

Call out for a line to keep a show alive
where I stay behind the scenes
counting each pause and stumble.

Shake my hesitation from my mind
as I fumble through faded pages
wondering how to pace through life.

Just had to get out that rough "work in progress poem" to see how it sits right now.

Now behind door # 2, you may find all the randomness that hits me at this moment (3:59 PM).

  • Jillian and I skipped happily off to one of those body lotion stores to get a gift for my friend. As I'm trying out one of the body creams on my hand, a young salesgirl comes up to me and says, "Are you thinking of that scent for you?" I reply, "No, it's for a friend." She says, "Well, if she's around your age, you want to pick out a scent for more mature women." Okay, thanks for aging me right there on the spot!!!

  • My little girl hands me a drawing and says, "Look how I'm so good at doing abstract." She is like a sponge for new vocabulary words.

  • Tonight is my final parent orientation. Hooray! I realized that I'll be going to parent orientations for the next 12 years. Now you know what will be keeping me busy in September and early October for the next decade or so. I probably will be able to recite each teacher's speech by heart soon.

  • A public service announcement: To all you parents of boys who think they are linebackers at 7, please get out of the way when your son wants to practice tackling you. Your back will thank you.

  • My 13 year old son had to eat his words when he said, "Mom, you can't help me with this advanced math problem. You like English. You can't handle these problems." Guess who figured out the problem? Surprise! Surprise! Between you and me, I hope he doesn't ask me again. I really am not a math kid at all :)

  • I need that genie to blink her eyes and give me a jacuzzi for stress release. Job hunting for hubby is trying on both of us. I'm worrying about how he's handling the stress. I don't want it to start taking a physical toll on him. I've decided to add a mandatory dose of humor to our day, whether it's a funny movie, joke, YouTube video, or watching me do a silly dance. Whatever it takes to keep him on the positive side. Wish me luck! If I do too many of these dances, I better watch that my nosy neighbor (yes I have one of those) will suggest that I'm off my rocker :) These days, I'm just trying to keep it together for everyone. That's probably the energy that is pushing my poem above. My poetry muse has been in hiding lately.
I really hope to say hello to all of you very soon!!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I enjoyed the poem and the post, made interesting reading.

T Rex Mom said...

You so totally deserve a jacuzzi or something.

Great poem and as always love randomness. We're having a pretty random day today but you just have to roll with it. But I cannot come up with awesome poetry like you, though.

And Jillian cracks me up with her comments - good at doing abstract. That's awesome. And I think T Rex is already a linebacker. WOW! He hits hard. I'm worried he's going to blow out someone's knee if we don't watch out!

Positive thoughts for a job for septemberdad.

Vicky said...

I feel your words and the emotion behind them in your poem. I am in awe of your resiliency through these uncertain job hunting days. I continue to think of you.

Don't you just want to know what is the proper scent for a mature woman? I went to a cosmetic counter once and said I needed a new moisturizer. The girl behind the counter said "oh, we are all out of the heavy duty one that someone your age will need." Okay then...

Diane said...

What scent was that lotion that it was too immature for you???? Lollipop? Crazy store girl!!! :O)

G said...

Kewl poem and nice update.

Mari said...

Nice poem! I think the person in the lotion store needs some lessons on how to interact with customers. :)
I can see that this job search thing is so hard. Praying for you and hubby that something is found soon!

Jenners said...

I'm sure the job search stress is really taking its toll. There is only so long you can go without it really starting to get to you. I hope and pray he finds something soon.

And that salesgirl ... surely she be fired and you could be given her job!

Wendy said...

That sales lady could kiss my butt! how rude! love hearing what is going on in your life. jacob loves to practice tackling too!

Michelle said...

You know, you are always so upbeat and cheerful, I forget how much stress you've got going on in your life. I love the idea of a moment of funny each day. We could *all* use that. Fortunately, you've got your kids to help out with that, right? ;)

The Write Girl said...

The poem was very nice...I don't know how you have the time to do all these amazing things. Brightening up your husband through these difficult times takes courage and strength. I admire your positive attitude. I hope you all find something amazing real soon!!

Randi said...

Knowing my smart mouth I would have responded to the sales girl, "No, actually, my friend is about your age. Do you have anything in the Dora line?" And how about that Jillian doing abstract! You go girl!

Good luck on the job hunt. I know it has to be getting really hard. You're in my prayers.

Valerie said...

Some sales people are not the greatest tacticians in the world! Enjoyed your poem and your post... you're enthusiasm in maintaining your husband's spirits is remarkable.

Angela said...

That sales lady has some nerve, and if she continues to interact with customers in that way, I'm certain she won't be there long.

On a sidenote, Kelly, you are an amazing wife. I know you and your husband are going through a trying journey right now, but I absolutely admire you and how you are taking it all in stride. I am sure your husband appreciates you being that rock he can depend on when he needs it. I'm still praying for you both, sweetie. :)

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I hope that sales "girl" doesn't work on commission. I'm sending the job fairy to sprinkle dust on your hubby.

H.K. said...

I so miss reading your blog and keeping in touch! I always love reading your random thoughts: I know how hard it must be worrying about your husband's health and the stress toll of unemployment as well as meeting your children's needs.

I hope that in addition to finding humor which is a good idea that you also let yourself cry - it's a great outlet. Take it from someone whose husband was out of work twice.

Take care my friend!

Hyacynth said...

I cannot believe the saleswoman at that store said something like that!
And thank you for the tip about the linebacker-esque children and stepping aside. Both of my boys have the tendency to plow mommy over.

He & Me + 3 said...

I am wondering how to pace through life these days too. So crazy busy.
Yeah for you getting the math problem correct. I love google for all the help with the kids homework these days. They teach things so different now.

Gerri said...

Sounds like your little one IS a sponge. Well done!

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Another wonderful post of yours. :)
Oh Kelly, your little one sounds adorable!!

(I cannot believe that the saleswoman at that store said that).

B xx

Susan Fobes said...

Isn't it funny that it's the "little" things-the interactions with your kids and husband-that help you through the bigger stresses of life. Hang in there friend!