Saturday, May 29, 2010

Five Senses Meme

My sweet and witty friend, Jenna, over at Backwoods Babble, is doing a fun meme each week called Five Senses Friday. I decided to add my own 2 cents (sorry for the pun) and do mine on this lovely Saturday.


My 7 year old's dazed look as he battles a stomach virus. Poor guy is trying so hard to get better. He doesn't want to spend the long weekend stretched out on the couch.


Maple syrup. Clearly, my oldest son left evidence of his breakfast very close to this keyboard.


The remnants of a fortune cookie from last night's dinner. I decided to add one to my breakfast as a morning pick me up. The fortune said, "Find the reason and you will see." Okay, I'll start searching...


Steven Tyler of Aerosmith singing "Angel" in my ears with my trusty sanity saving MP3 player. Love my morning serenades.


Achy, achy, achy!!! How do gardeners do it? We had a tough time digging out a circular moat for some bricks around a tree at the school yesterday. It was only two of us mom volunteers at first. Luckily, a much stronger mom came and impressed us with her ability to make a serious impact on that compacted ground. I think she was strong enough to carry me on her back while digging. I felt pretty wimpy next to her, but I tried to be a helpful, grateful sidekick to this SuperMama :)

Go over and visit Jenna. You'll be happy to meet her :) Happy Saturday!!



Hope your 7 yrs old feels better, Loved the post.

Enjoy the week-end.

Mari said...

Hope your son feels better soon - and you too!

Randi said...

I loved this post! Your knack for poetry comes through, even when it doesn't mean to! You write so that I can visualize clearly what is happening. Love it.

I hope your son gets better soon. Sick on the couch is no way to spend a holiday weekend. Poor guy.

Had to laugh at the syrup next to the keyboard as I just spilled orange juice on mine earlier this week. It was so sticky that every "n" or "g" I typed came out nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ggggggggg.
Very annnnnnnnnnoyinnnnnngggggg.

Vicky said...

Hope 7-yr-old feels better quickly! Funny, I smell maple syrup too... I also taste it... nothing like waffles for Saturday morning breakfast.

I didn't even have to dig through the ground and my back aches from planting the garden!! I would have been a step beneath you and super mom :)

Joanne said...

You wouldn't think gardening is that much exercise, but it is! I have a small vegetable garden, and I seriously get a workout keeping it weeded, cultivated, pruned and watered.

Have a nice holiday weekend :)

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

Hope your boy feels better soon. Have a great weekend!

Jenners said...

What an overload of sensory information!! Fun!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no. I hope that your son feels better soon. Stomach virus' are the worst.

Vickie said...

Kelly, this is funny! Occasionally I smell cheerios by the keyboard;)

Hope you son feels better.

Valerie said...

Hope your little one soon recovers from the virus so he can enjoy the holiday weekend. It's our holiday weekend but not a memorial one. Could do with some sunshine to speed it along.

I want to thank you for your recent complementary comments on my blog.

Janna Qualman said...

I love this, Kelly! I may borrow this, thought I can't promise it will be on a Friday. :)

Happy Memorial Day!

Becca said...

I hope he starts feeling better soon. What a bummer to be sick on such a long weekend! Poor guy!

Trudy said...

This is a fun meme...I'll have to try that one soon. You can imagine the wonderful fodder I would have with a newborn at home!