Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can it be a random Thursday?

I've been blogging for over a year and I've never done a random post. I know that these things are usually done on Tuesday, but I think Thursday will work fine for me.

Here is what is randomly coming to mind right now:
  • I'm looking forward to my library visit with the kids today. Getting out of the house is a good thing for mama's sanity. I'm also in desperate need of a good historical fiction novel. After we pick up a ton of picture books, I hope to find at least one book for me.
  • What possessed me to buy a mini hockey set for my almost 7 year old? All I seem to say during these games are warnings: "Don't play too aggressively." "Watch that ball." "Be gentle with the stick. (like that's a possibility with three boys :)

  • I hated typing when I worked at law firms years ago. Now I'm typing all the time for my son's publishing center. Of course, I had to find the one PTA job that no one really wants. However, the kids' stories are fun to read. One fifth grader wrote a story that came to 22 pages long (short little book pages).

  • Last night, I decided to try and not have chocolate today. Big surprise, I failed already.

  • Project Runway is on tonight. Hooray! Any fans out there? Isn't Anthony hilarious?

  • Online Scrabble has become another mommy escape for me. I'm getting hooked.

  • I'm caught up with my laundry. Wish I had a genie to fold it all.

  • The state tests in English, Science and Math are coming up in the spring for my 4th grader. He dreads tests; I dread our study sessions. He is so easily distracted. I have to set up some kind of test prep schedule with him. I may have to get creative with these sessions. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  • I entered my first poetry contest. They should be announcing the winner soon. I can use that $1,000 prize money. Me and the other 3,000 poets who entered :)

  • To all my female blogger friends: I'm having that crazy hormonal week that comes just before another "visit" every month. I'm so, so, so on edge and and super sensitive. I know that I'll be relatively normal next week. Hubby is laying low this week. Smart guy!

  • We are becoming expert snowmen makers here. Now my daughter wants us to make a family of snow people on my deck. I'll have to hunt for more accessories. She wants the mama snowlady to wear earrings and a floppy hat. She'll be better dressed than me :)
That's all the randomness that I can come up with now. Enjoy your Thursday.

P.S. One more random thing: My 13 year old just gave me a bit of his attitude right now. Unlike his Dad, he hasn't picked up on the "don't bother mommy this week" signals that I've been giving out. Now I know why I went for that chocolate :)


Mari said...

I think you better eat another piece of chocolate!
I like the snow family idea - you better post a picture when it's done!

shabby girl said...

Perhaps Dad need to have "that other conversation" with your 13 yr old. It's not too soon. :)
Good luck on your poetry contest!!!

Lisa said...

Random posts are good for the soul :) I LOVE project Runway!! Anthony cracks me up, I loved his dress last week and think it will look AH-MAZING on Heidi :) (I like to use their first names only like we're close friends. Ha!)

christy rose said...

I love reading random posts. They show a little bit of a different side of my friends. I have seen just a little bit more of your sarcasm and sweetness here today Kelly. You make me smile.

glnroz said...

Somebody needs a nap... lolololol

Trudy said...

I loved the random need to do this more often!

Sorry you've been feeling sensitive and edgy. Pregnancy has me feeling all sort of things, all at once. Today it is just tired and irritable after a very busy week!

SwedishJenn said...

I absolutely loved this post! Seriously! So fun! and I am cheering for you to win that poetry contest. Can you make every Thursday Random Thursday? No, nevermind. How about just promising you'll write at least one a week. Ok, I'm getting too demanding. How about everytime you write one, I promise to read it! DEAL!

Joanne said...

Wow, a whole latte stuff going on over here ;)

Best wishes on your Poetry contest entry, very exciting, I hope you place among the winners!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Oooh, I like your randomness. I love learning more insight into Kelly's life. :) Good luck with that poetry contest. You're a talented artisit so I know you've got a chance! I hope you find a good book and get that chocolate you need and deserve. :)

Corrie Howe said...

Thanks for your randomness. My children haven't figured out how to stay clear of me either. My husband gives me wide latitude. Hahaha.

We are actually seeing some patches of the ground again. I just spent a little time at the library. I love our system. I find out I don't have to go back. I can search their reference and periodical systems from my home!!!!

T Rex Mom said...

Time for some chocolate and that new library book!

And I like the randomness - keep it coming. Who says you can't deviate from the normal days of things? It keeps things fresh. Besides, I don't want to mess with you this week!

Be well!

Lois Lane II said...

You write a random post whenever you want! =) I hope you win the poetry contest! I know you're the best!!

Mon said...

NEVER deny yourself chocolate, especially not pre-moontime!


Flory said...

I haven't read a good historical novel in a long time. I want to try the online scrabble, sounds like fun.

Best of luck with the poetry contest Kelly!

The Writing Instinct said...

Best of luck with the contest! Good on you for volunteering to type, but 22 pages? You are a saint!


kisatrtle said...

I like your randomness.

Michelle said...

I think that randomly choosing Thursday for a random post is perfect :)

Soooo what historical fiction did you get? I'm almost done with my authors again and need more!

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Post Dear :) :) Wish You A Very Happy Relaxing Weekend Ahead :) :)

Vicky said...

As soon as you shared what week it was I figured that was what prompted the chocolate! I say indulge, especially this week!

Yes, hockey and boys and sticks and aggression go hand in hand. We tried to lay down the law and our coaches told us not to... they value creativity, and passion and aggression when its properly channeled... so I've had to change my views a bit although they still have to play downstairs!

Diane said...

Can't wait to get the announcement that you won the poetry contest. You are so gifted! :O)

G said...

Poor kid....sometimes, we just have to learn things the hard way.

Good luck with the poetry contest.

Becca said...

Woohoo for Random posts! Best wishes on the contest! Jillian cracks me up!

Jenners said...

The key is not to NOT have chocolate but to not have TOO MUCH chocolate!!!

And I had a particularly emotional visit from my "little friend" this month. I hate when I'm like that but I can't stop it!

Gerri said...

I can not go without chocolate...:)