Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24, 1993

Let's talk about what is different about me from 16 years ago today:
  1. Ornery gray hair popping up and driving me crazy.
  2. My morning is dictated by laundry catch up.
  3. I spend like 30 seconds on makeup application.
  4. 4 excitable, creative, exasperating, lively, loving kids circle me constantly.
  5. What doesn't ache on my body?
16 years ago today:
  1. I "politely" reprimanded a pushy photographer.
  2. I tried to dance in layer after layer after layer of a poofy dress.
  3. Hair spray shellacked my hair.
  4. Politically spoke to drunk relatives.
  5. Laughed, cried, smiled, loved and rejoiced.
Today, I celebrate 16 years of a fun, happy marriage with my honey. I would go on and on with a tribute to "honey", but my daughter is insisting on playing on No longer a bride for sure :) Mama is on duty!!


shabby girl said... Who knew?
Happy Anniversary! A full life is a blessing!

Caroline said...

Happy anniversary! That's awesome!

Joanne said...

Happy Anniversary! Raising my coffee cup in a best wishes toast to you and yours!

He & Me + 3 said...

WEll Happy Anniversary to you and yours. I hope that you get to go on a date to celebrate your beautiful marriage!

T Rex Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope it's a great day and not just filled with!

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful day with your hubby!

elisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

(and dittoes on the hair and makeup thing)

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Congrats on your 16 years of bliss! Be sure you carve out some time for your hubby after all the kiddos are in bed tonight. Happy Anniversary! You must now post a pic from your wedding day so we can see those layers of dress and hairspray! :-)

Nina P. said...

Happy Anniversary!!! May you be Blessed with Love, Joy and Laughter always. Love and Light, Nina P

shiny mamaof6 said...

Happy, happy Anniversary!!! I hope you are able to celebrate today and everyday!!!

Analisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Blessing to you and your honey!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! 16 years do change things, but lots of it is good!

Gerri said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you and hubby have a wonderful day of celebration.

kisatrtle said...

Happy anniversary

Dan Felstead said...

H A P P Y A N N I V E S A R Y !!!!
Here is hoping for 16 more! The way to keep him around for another 16 is to buy him a GTO!

I loved your post. Have a good one Septembermom!


Judith Ellis said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love this post.

Janna Qualman said...

Happy Anny!

My post for tomorrow is very similar. ;)

Diane said...

Happy anniversary. Hope you guys did something special! :O)

Teri said...

I hope you continue to have a wonderful anniversary. Congrats on 16 years!

TheChicGeek said... made me smile today! Happy Anniversary! What a difference 16 happy years can make. I wish you a million more!!! LOL

Have A Wonderful Anniversary!

Kim said...

That's such a wonderful milestone Kelly!!! Sixteen years and four awesome kids and a great husband. I'm happy for you my friend. I'll have to check this out. I've thought about looking into some simple computer games for Deaglan. He's very interested in the computer, especially when I'm on it:(

Flory said...

Happy Anniversary! 16 years, WOW!

I have to check this too. :)

The Write Girl said...

Happy Anniversary to you Septembermom and may you have many more : )

Caitlin said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Michelle said...

Awww, happy anniversary! I hope you're as happy today as you were then even though your life is so different now :)

G said...

Happy Anniversary!

Now I'm feeling old....

Janie B said...

Wow! You are the 3rd blogger I follow who is having an anniversary this week. Congratulations!

Susan Fobes said...

What a great blog and topic! I saw your comment on Flory's site and decide to check out your blog. (It is so good to meet another Jane Austen fan...)

Naqvee said...

I wish you both
much joy on your anniversary.
I hope it will be a day
of warm memories to share.
I'll be thinking of you,
and I'll say a prayer
that your day
will be filled
with the warmth of love
and that tomorrow
will bring everything
you've both dreamed of.
May the days ahead
be joyous,
without a single tear,
and may you find much to be
thankful for every year.
[written by Bobette Bryan, 2001]

happy anniversary! take care

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What a blessing :) As far as gray hairs, only one? Since I hit 40 they've been popping out like weeds including my eyelashes :( Is there anything sacred? May you and hubby enjoy marital bliss for many decades to come!

Dan said...


After 34 years, I no longer have pesky gray hairs - they are all gray with a few pesky brown ones popping out. And I have to admit I still haven't tried to dance in a poofy dress. {*grin*}

May your next 16 be as good as the first 16.

Shan said...

Happy Anniversary!!

H.K. said...

I loved this post, it made me smile! Happy 16th anniversary, what a difference 16 years make!

Don said...

Happy Anniversary

Time flies when you're having fun.

Fun flies when your having time!

The center of the Universe shifts --

No longer I, but you (plural)


and happy.

Becca said...

What a cute little post!

Happy late Anniversary missy! Hope it was fantastic. Congrats on 16 years!

Jenners said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

16 years ... wow! That is no small accomplishment.

And your post just said so much about your life of today!

christy rose said...

Happy Anniversary a few days late! I hope it was wonderful! :)

Gerri said...

I hope your anniversary was delightful!!!!