Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poems without direction


Blessed by treasures
a life to the fullest
What drum beats within
calling me to action
Wrapped up in a bow
a life apparently content
Unrelenting nudge wraps
around my days and nights
like a slinky cat
Unease climbs through
emotions and limbs
looking to spark a burst
to release clarity

There's that something pushing me to go somewhere with my "voice". In this poem, I'm trying to explore this nagging feeling that I have yet to discover the direction for my poetry. I wrote it without punctuation to give the sense of a stream of words and images just falling out of me.

I think I'll have to rework it, but here it is anyhow. Thanks for taking a moment to share this poem with me. Have a good night everyone:)


Kim said...

I definitely sensed the feeling of unrest. I think it is good to get nudged like this. You need to see where it leads Kelly! I often feel this about writing too. I berate myself sometimes for not giving writing more time but it's hard to find that time as you well know! Wouldn't it be great to get away for a writing workshop sometime??

Joanne said...

I like that it has no punctuation, like you're insistent, and pressing through parameters to a new area. A subtle disregard to an expected form. The visual of the slinking cat in your unrest works well for me, too. The poem works well with what you say your intent is.

Jillien said...

This has been my favorite yet. Really! Perhaps because I'm so connected with the unsettled feeling... I could go on analyzing it line by line, but instead I'll leave it said that I love your newest poem.


shabby girl said...

I loved it, I get it. I feel that, in my life, as a need to purge. Sometimes it is as literal as me feeling like I need to, well, purge. I know, at that point, I'd better let it out.
If only we'd MAKE the time to do it...whatever it takes. For me, it's like my body telling me what I need to do.
Great job!

Michelle said...

I like this poem. It talks to you of your direction that youre going with poetry... but for me it speaks to my life overall -- and where and what do I want to be doing with it. I love this one!

Caroline said...

Oh I love it just as it is. This really speaks to me today...

This is my favorite part:

like a slinky cat
Unease climbs through
emotions and limbs
looking to spark a burst
to release clarity

This is just how I feel...

Creativity!! said...

Dear kelly, Its really Beautiful :D I really liked it even without punctuations!!!!! There exist a clarity even without punctuation :) Very Well Penned Down :D Wonderful Excellent poem with simple phrases & heart touching description :D

Wrapped up in a bow
a life apparently content
Unrelenting nudge wraps
around my days and nights

Excellent........Come up with many more such poems :D Eagerly waiting for upcoming poems :) All The Very Best Success :D TakeCare.

Love & Hugs,
Creativity :D

Rachel said...

I love it. I really wish I had a talent for poetry and writing the way that you do! Wonderful, Kelly!

glnroz said...

You mentioned changing it. I wouldnt change a thing. "fidgety with silky smooth edges". I think everyone will see Likeness but just a little differently, :)

Heather said...

Wow - you have such a way with words. And leaving off the punctuation was a good choice. I love it.

Teri said...

You have such a gift in this area. I can "see" the meaning through your words.

Anonymous said...

Your destiny calls. Shall we take a road trip together with my digital camera? :) Your poetry has direction you will soon discover it. Sometimes she unveils herself gradually. As it stands I don't think punctuation is needed. A lovely write!

Lois Lane II said...


H.K. said...

I miss reading your poems! Your poem reflects how I've been feeling in my life. Feeling a little anxious about being an empty nester even though it will be another year & wondering what direction my life will take. Very scary!

As usual, loved your poem!

Sneaky Momma said...

I can imagine how frustrated you are to want to write but not to know what to write about.
I love this poem, Kelly, and think it is perfect as is. :)

CDB said...

I like it. I especially like the "Unrelenting Nudge" reference. I feel that a lot.. all the time. I need to revisit my poetry muse, or find Her, soon. I love reading yours.

Debbie said...

I like it too. Great emotion.

Wendy said...

that was a beautiful poem. thankyou for sharing.

Christina said...

I love it. As you know I am going through lots of anxiety and unrest - this really speaks to me. And I've been meaning to thank you for all your support on my blog. It means to world to me!

Did you get the new DMB album yet? SO GOOD! I listened to it this morning, as per your suggestion :)

T Rex Mom said...

No, thank you for taking the time to share it with us!

Poetry, I suspect, like life is a lot more about the journey and less about the destination.

The Write Girl said...

I think it's a great poem Septembermom. I understand your sentiments about poetry feeling unfinished. Well, I hope you rework and shape it to your imagination.

Don said...

I like it. It does communicate a sense of unsettledness or longing for purpose.

I wouldn't rework it. Leave it unsettled.

Or not. ;-)


Judith Ellis said...

My immediate response upon reading the last line aloud:

"Oh, how beautiful."

Thank you, Kelly, beautiful mom.

Gerri said...

Thank you for sharing your art. I like the flow...sometimes it helps to let the words just come, doesn't it. In time, whatever is nagging you will be birthed. Hugs to you and goodnight my friend. :)

2Shaye said...

This is great, girl. It took me a long time to appreciate poetry. Growing up, I didn't "get" non-rhyming lines. Then in graduate school I was hired as a children's poetry Teaching Assistant and it allowed me to see the freedom in expressing feelings in words. So personal, so free, so liberating.

Thank you so much for putting the proverbial pen to paper.