Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Searching for poetry ideas

The beautiful Hudson River. This is a picture of the Hudson River viewed from the Bear Mountain Bridge here in NY. There are spectacular views of the river and landscape at all times of the year. (photographer unknown)

There are days when I feel like my poetry well is dry. I'm hoping to get a resurgence of inspiration over the next few weeks. It is a busy time in my house, but I fear that I will lose touch with those poems stirring in me if I don't allocate some time for writing and thinking. On my next day trip with the kids, I think I'll do a poetry scavenger hunt, and hopefully find some raw material to inspire me.

Jotting down ideas or thoughts in a notebook may be a good idea. I better not rely solely on my memory anymore :) Motherhood keeps my mind spinning in tons of directions. When everyone is happily sleeping at night, I can benefit from going over my notes and trying to work out some poems in a calm and peaceful environment. I've always been a note taker, so I feel comfortable with a pencil ready to record my observations. I just better remember to add it to my HUGE "what to take for the kids" list when we go out on a day trip.

Hopefully, this plan will help get me out of my poetry dry spell. Maybe I'll even get inspiration at the supermarket. Who knows? Happy Wednesday everyone :)

River of words
seep into me.
Images for thoughts
travel waiting.
Conscious net
immerse to find.
Poem unclear
reflects possibility.


Kitten said...

I enjoy haiku. They're the easiest poems for me to write. I go through phases where haiku is flowing like crazy, but the past few months have been a dry spell. I used to have a feature on my blog called "And now...haiku time". I need to revive it!

shabby girl said...

I love the poetry scavenger hunt idea. Sometimes we just have to put ourselves in "that" type of environment, and it comes.
I have notes all over my house, I have no mind left!

Dan Felstead said...

We all have those dry spells but you would never know it from your poetry. I always enjoy it.

I needed a break from my nature photography as well...that is why I took the week with the cars. Now I can get back to what I love most...nature and the river is beautiful.


Don said...

"Seek, and you shall find..." It always amazes me how we find what we're looking for. That's why it's important to be careful what you look for. Inspiration for poetry sounds safe enough. ;-)

In my youth my sister had a book of verse for writing in year books. Reading your post I finally understood this one:

Bum ink.
Dumb pen.
Inspiration won't come.
Best Wishes.

(The poet was blaming his/her lack of inspiration on his/her writing utensils! Maybe all you need is a new pen with better ink?)


Creativity!! said...

woww.....excellent poem :)

Joanne said...

I always have that little notebook on me. It's a way to keep my hands in writing when life gets so busy. And just knowing I've written down images and thoughts that I can develop later makes me feel productive in that way, in the "thinking" part of the craft, which is so necessary. Happy writing to you!

Caroline said...

I love your poem! I feel that way about photography. Sometimes I can capture unbelievable beauty with ease...then there are days I go out and don't take one photograph. I think creativity is like that...fickle!!! I always seem to get the best shots when I don't try too hard.

T Rex Mom said...

I am so glad you're starting to write again - I've missed your lovely poems! Do I need to start sending you photos for inspiration?

Wendy said...

that is a beautiful pic. i loved your poem...i really enjoy reading all of your poems. you are a really great writer. i know what you mean about being scatter brained. ever since i had my son i have been half here and half there and my brain is somewhere!

Randi said...

I'm glad you shared that picture of the Hudson. All I have to go on is the vile picture the comedians on TV portray. Now I have a beautiful replacement for that.

Your poetry is wonderful, by the way. I love the idea of a poetry scavenger hunt. I might try that for my creative writing class!

Michelle said...

What a neat idea. Of course I'd get totally off track and start listing blog posts or the grocery list or people I need to follow up with... but that's just me not being able to focus on the fun part of life ;)

I can't wait to see what a grocery store inspired poem looks like!

Valerie said...

That's one beautiful river. Just looking at it would inspire me ... not for poetry though. Wishing you many hours of pleasure with yours.

Mon said...

I guess it's the ebb and flow of life.

I know many writers slog hard at their craft and produce wonders, but I imagine that the stuff that comes from inspiration and flows easily has to be the most enjoyable to create.

G said...

I usually find if I'm doing mundane things by myself (like at work), I can come up with the most funkiest story ideas.

Perhaps all you need is just a little quiet time for yourself.

Sneaky Momma said...

I love your poetry. Here's hoping you find a muse soon, though I must admit your poem about not having anything to write about is pretty good! :)

Debbie said...

At least you have a poetry well. I forget to dig one.

CDB said...

I have the opposite problem, interestingly enough.. I have way TOO much emotion swirling around in my head right now, which makes for perfect poetry fodder. But like you, I need to commit some of the ideas to paper; if I wait, POOF! They're gone.

Jillien said...

I totally understand! sometimes I have TOO many words and other times I can't find a single one. But then it comes. For me its rarely nature or happiness or peace that inspires me, but anxiety, hurt, annoyance, and I find those emotions so much more readily available.

I loved your poem.. I often write about not being able to write. it usually opens up the flood gates.


Gerri said...

I like the idea about writing about not knowing what to write. keeps the juices flowing.

Ana V. Rios said...

I love the poem you wrote, so you are not totally "dry" are you? LOL The poetry scavenger hunt should be fun and get your juices flowing again. I take a notebook whereever I go, just in case. I jot down anything that comes to mind. It may not make sense at first, but then later it might, you just never know. Good luck!

Ana V. Rios said...

PS I love your new flower and background!

Mandy said...

Well, I'm learning how to craft my writing and style but I find that just writing down any thought that comes to my head or any little funny thing that happens to me will spark something else. Just days ago I wrote a silly poem about how I stepped in dog poo. After I did it, I was mad. Then I laughed. Then this rhyme got stuck in my head. And I just had to write about it. Maybe not my finest work, but still a moment in time that may bring a smile to others. Check it out, if you like -

I can't wait to read more of your work! ~Mandy