Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday High Five

Angela, over at Angela's Adventures and Minor Mishaps is hosting Friday High Five. You can list five of anything that is on your mind today. Just run over to Angela's blog and link up to join the fun!

Here are 5 comments that my husband made on our last Disney trip. This trip was a year before my daughter was born. Our boys were 7, 4 and 15 months old. It was also their first trip on an airplane. That flight experience could be a whole other post!


  1. "Why do we have to carry all this stuff around everywhere we go?"
    My response: "Kids need their drink cups, snacks, sun lotion, extra clothes (things get wet sometimes). Do you want the baby to go diaperless through the Magic Kingdom?"

  2. "Tell the kids that they have to pick something off this menu."
    My response: "Do I want to spend the rest of the afternoon with a whining 4 year old who just wanted some chicken nuggets? Face the facts honey. He's not going to open his mouth for anything new while on vacation."

  3. "He has to go to the bathroom again?"
    My response: "Young boys and their bladders are unpredictable. Just wait until you're in those golden years. We'll be stopping at the restroom a lot too!"

  4. "I hate crowds."
    My response: "We're at Disney. Maybe next year we can fight through the "crowds" while vacationing in Amish country."

  5. "There's a good movie on. My legs are tired. "Can't you take the kids to see the parade?"
    My response: "You can relax all you want on your recliner when we get home. Now I need you to step up to the plate and ENJOY this vacation. I know the kids are cranky, but let's have some Disney fun." (What a picture perfect family moment! Ha Ha!)
Hope these vacation memories don't scare me from trying to go back to Disney World again. I do love the place :) At least with older kids, I can leave tired hubby in the hotel room when I visit the parks. But why do I have this nagging feeling that my sons may have inherited Daddy's tendency to complain? Maybe I'll hear them say things like, "Mom, the wait is sooo long!" or "Mom, do we have to eat here?" You know I think I'll take a trip on my own :) Peace and quiet!


Lois Lane II said...

Haha! That sounds like me (your husband's comments, that is, lol!)

Kim said...

He's so lucky to have to remember all the things the kids need and also because you have the patience. I get this from Shaune all the time...he's fine, he doesn't need a hat or we're only gonna be gone for a few hours you don't need to take all that! Honestly, one of these times I should take his advice and let him deal with the consequences. By the way I can't believe how brave you were to take such small kids (and three of them!) on a plane. You continue to be my hero:)

Joanne said...

Cute list! I'll bet the vacation was great, I've never been to Disney, but it sounds like a good destination with children.

A. K. said...

Happy weekend....

Anonymous said...

LOL...I have been to Disneyland once and won't go back. I am not much for long lines and crowds. I sound more like your husband!!! Have a great weekend.

kel said...

urgh... sounds like my hubs.

T Rex Mom said...

I was so excited to one day go with my little one - hmmm, maybe it will be harder than I thought.

All good points, though. They do not magically start eating new food because they're on vacation!

shabby girl said...

So funny! Made me laugh...only because I wasn't the one dealing with it! Loved #4!
Isn't it strange how sometimes men...nevermind.

Teri said...

"Honey, have you seen my wallet?"

Uh, no dear, I am sure I haven't seen it. hehe

pughy said...

I just had to laugh, I think we can all relate to that in some way or another.

Men LOL we love them and we hate them but wouldn't want to be without them.

Hugs GJ and Carol x

Dani said...

My goodness, I can see the day re-enacted when we take a trip to Disney someday... who knows, by then I might have three boys! But I hope I didn't jinx that somehow. My husband so wants a girl, he'd kill me. :)

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such nice comments! :)

Reading your 5 comments from Disney World made me flash on our trips to Disneyland. lol My husband isn't a complainer but my daughter sure is.

"Why does the ride have to be so far away?"

As if the rest of us just love having to walk all the way across the park and she is the only miserable one!

"Why do we have to wait so long in line?"

Because the other people would lynch us if we cut to the front?

"Why can't I ride in the stroller with Andrew?"

Because you are going on 7 years old. Because you have feet/legs that work just fine. Because its good exercise. Because I am on vacation and adding another 50 (or so) pounds to this load on wheels would seem more like a boot camp than a stroll around a theme park.

Ahh memories! :)

Wendy said...

i like # 5, vacationing is hard work!! :)

Sneaky Momma said...

We're trying to decide when the best time would be to take our girls. I've heard how wonderful DW is, but I've gotta admit that your experience is what runs my head when I think of going there with my family.

Anonymous said...

all the more memories with his comments! see, now you have something to talk about! gotta love a husbands impatience for the important things (i.e. bathroom breaks, sippy cups, etc.)!

H.K. said...

Husbands can be great and then they can be so clueless! You survived Disneyland, small kids and your husband and lived to tell about it!

Kari said...

Are we married to the same guy?