Thursday, April 9, 2009

40 things about me

Kim tagged me to list 40 things about myself. So here I go.

1. My family is my world.
2. I took Irish dancing as a child for a few years.
3. I used to watch Pink Panther movies (Peter Sellers) with my Dad.
4. French was one of my favorite subjects in school.
5. I still like to ride on a swing at the park.
6. I love tortellini. I could eat it all the time.
7. I need bread with every meal.
8. When I first enrolled in college, I wanted to be a journalist.
9. At the museum, you'll find me in the painting galleries.
10. Books are taking over my bedroom. I'm running out of places to put them.
11. I went to Catholic schools.
12. I would love to learn how to ice skate.
13. I'll never know how to do a cartwheel. So far, my kids can't do it either.
14. So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows.
15. How do you work a snow blower or lawn mower?
16. Crossword puzzles can be addictive.
17. I walked to school everyday. I didn't ride a school bus.
18. Europe would be a beautiful, inspirational place to visit.
19. Bike riding on a warm, spring day is rejuvenating.
20. I worked too many years supporting lawyers in a big NYC law firm.
21. I'll always go to see the flamingos at the zoo.
22. As a kid, I used to make up crazy plays for my sister and brother to perform.
23. I seem to enjoy every Colin Firth movie. Love that Mr. Darcy.
24. I can read the classics over and over again.
25. My rear view mirror "mysteriously" came off when I parked the van in the garage.
26. I wish I could go see Dave Matthews in concert.
27. As kids, we loved to roller skate down steep, broken down sidewalks in the Bronx.
28. My hair is curly and crazy most of the day.
29. I want to try my kids' Wii and see what all the excitement is about.
30. My second son was born very quickly. I arrived at the hospital 10 cm dilated.
31. I married an Italian American so I learned how to make my own tomato sauce.
32. I'm running alongside my kindergartner these days as he rides with no training wheels.
33. My daughter is so little. It seems like she never outgrows her clothes.
34. First thought in the morning: What am I going to make for dinner?
35. Last thought before I sleep: I have to finish my book. Maybe tomorrow.
36. I breastfed all my kids. My chest has the battle scars to prove it.
37. My husband tells me to enjoy myself when I go to the dentist. "Mom's leisure time."
38. I'm close to planting my first garden.
39. Did I ever mention my love of chocolate?
40. I love all my blogging buddies!

Well, that was exhausting. I think I need a drink. It's 7:30 a.m., so orange juice will have to do.


Mervat said...

We have so much in common: Curly hair, infatuation with Colin Firth only because he was Mr Darcy (and in each CF movie I wish his sideburns were long!!, I breast fed all my children and yes those battles are very familir!
Thanks for sharing.

Joanne said...

Love reading these, laughed at how you mysteriously lost that mirror. Good luck planting your first garden, it's so much fun. Do you know yet what you will plant?

Kim said...

I LOVE Colin Firth too but first fell for him in Bridget Jones. I went to Catholic schools. I love that your husband tells you to enjoy yourself at the dentist - as if you're going to a spa. I'm still breastfeeding Deaglan and he's 15 months (only at night). I know that I need to start weaning him but it has worked out just fine for us. My love of books has taken over various parts of our house too. I think we would be great friends!

Heather said...

Oh, good list!! I also want to see Dave Matthews in concert, and wish I could marry an Italian American - handsome devils, aren't they? And I'd love to learn to make my own tomato sauce. YUM!
Great job!

AVR said...

I think all of us or more alike than different. Thank you for sharing.I did something like this on my blog, but I only listed 10 things.

These are the things you and I have in common from your list:
Pink Panther movies
ride on a swing at the park
love tortellini
Books are taking over
So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows
I walked to school everyday
Europe would be a beautiful, inspirational place to visit
Did I ever mention my love of chocolate
I love all my blogging buddies

T Rex Mom said...

You and your husband were meant to be together - you love tortellini and after marrying him you can make tomato sauce!

Thanks for the love - we love you too!

(By the way, I'm getting ready to post a photo of the chocolate cake I made yesterday! Wish you were here to share some!)

pughy said...

A lot of things in common here too. You enjoy the books, we usualy find space to squeeze in just a couple more.

I love the way we are all so friendly on the blog too, just lovely.

GJ and Carol x

Annie Wicking said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, SeptMom

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful things about yourself.

Kari said...

Great list! I'm thinking of doing one of my own, looks like fun.

Dani said...

Wonderful list- so many of these things I just love too. :)

Kitten said...

We have a lot in common! We both have curly hair, went to Catholic schools, and love crosswords! One of my life goals is to complete the New York Times Sunday crossword from top to bottom--in PEN.

I hope that is realistic!

Mari said...

What a great list. I love Colin Firth too!

The Write Girl said...

Wow, I learned so much about you. I love your appetite for reading. Thanks for sharing your family and the funny things they do. It's a real treat. To piggy back off of #40, your blog friends love you too!!!

H.K. said...

I love Mr.Dary. You have got to try Wii it's addicting...then again maybe u shouldn't. Curly Hair rules!

Michelle said...

Oh so many things in common. I'm not even sure where to start! But I have to ask: how did you like Irish Dance? I'd love for Little Miss to do it because *I* think it's so cool, but I wasn't in Chicago at the right age so didn't do it myself.

Anonymous said...

I love to read fun to get to know you better! I think I'll tag myself and do this...but only 25 cuz I am too lazy to do

Fresh Mommy said...

That was a fun list... you made that so interesting. I would've found that hard to find something interesting to say, LOL.

I'm close to planting my first garden too! I haven't started anything for it yet, but still determined to do it this year!


Jenners said...

Loved this list! I can relate to so much on it. Both my parents were huge Pink Panther (with Peter Sellers) fans. I remember seeing many of them in the theater. I still have such fun memories of those movies! The parts with Kato attacking him were always our favorites. I remember my dad laughing so hard he cried. Thank you for bringing back this memory to me today! : )

Gerri said...

Great list, we have some things in common. I was swinging at the park today, I took four years of French in high school, "I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!"

Nori D said...

So cool! You're from the Bronx. Im from Queens (I did work in the south BX. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere lol). I also have really curly hair, and I also have a daughter who just doesnt grow lol. Great list = )

Anonymous said...

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