Friday, February 6, 2009

One of my favorite movie scenes

I love that scene in Love Actually when Colin Firth's character jumps into the lake trying to retrieve the typed pages of his novel. He jumps in after his beautiful housekeeper goes in without any hesitation or reserve. Up to this point, his character is emotionally frozen and spiritually broken. The developing relationship with this beautiful woman, who doesn't speak any English, turns out to give him not only the inspiration to write, but also the inspiration to live again. You can see how these two dripping wet strangers connect in a very human way as they laugh about grasping at the floating wet pages of the novel. It is a memorable scene filled with moments of human integrity and abandon.

Spontaneous fun has a place at the writer's desk. I know that I sometimes get too serious when I sit down to write. Trying too hard to get inspiration can really backfire on even the best writers. A writer can benefit from living in the moment and hopefully the words will start to flow with ease on the page. I would love to write more but my three year old daughter is not too happy that mommy is blogging right now. Maybe I'll watch that movie tonight when I'm all alone after doing the dishes. Those are the little luxuries for mommies : )


rebecca said...

Inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime yet at the same time there are moments when it completely evades you and nothing! Nothing! That's excruciating. Yet when it does come the writing flows out of you so freely and beautifully that it is nothing short of bliss.

Good post and don't a wealth of inspiration right there in the form of a beautiful 3 year old who is looking at the world with a sense of absolute wonder!

Jenners said...

My son (who is 4) is always saying "Stop blogging, Mommy! Get off the computer!" All day long, I have thoughts pop into my head and I itch to write them down but it is hard to do until he goes to bed.

Looks like you are new to blogging! Welcome! It is so fun and addictive! I started this past November and it has been a godsend to help combat the tedium of being a stay-at-home mom. I really felt like I was so stifled and I needed something but I didn't know blogging was it! I've been having such fun and I hope you do too! : )

Caroline Kent said...

What a wonderful posting. Finding time for yourself is hard, but it can bring its own rewards for all the family. So I've been led to believe.