Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspiration on my walls

The walls in my home are filled with pictures, prints and paintings. I'm always hunting for a new picture to brighten up a space. Pictures with bright colors and bold brushwork surround me now as I type. These pictures are not just decorations for my home. Pausing to look at a beautiful painting helps me reconnect with myself creatively and spiritually. Hair thrown in a pony tail with a wash basket at my waist, I find a quick pit stop at one of these pictures to be like a little jolt of "art energy" to help me keep my creative self awake in the midst of a hectic day. I think it is good for the soul to make these reflective moments a part of the day. It has to be a conscious choice to take a breath, slow down and look at something beautiful, dramatic or moving in art. An appreciation of art has always helped me fine tune my writing and expand my creative perspective. I can be stirred visually in such way that I feel compelled to write. Having a home filled with wonderful art pieces has helped me stay in tune with my creative side. Art has been a steady and reliable muse for me as a poet. I hope it can also be a catalyst for my novel writing. As I write this post, I remember that my hallway is too bare. Maybe a dramatic Georgia O'Keefe print would be just right for that space. The tough part will be deciding on which one. My kindergartener enjoys art in school so maybe I'll get his opinion. His artwork is also part of my home decor. We just put up his picture of a heart with various shades of pink and red. Looks like he loves bright, powerful color too!


rightonmom said...

I loved this post, as my own budding O'Keefe daughter's drawings are scattered throughout my house too! I always wondered what inspired those great masters works of art. Other art? Great writing? Music? I think its what art is about.

A Closet Writer said...

My husband and I love artwork. My problem is that I collect these beautiful paintings and I never get around to framing them! So, that will be my goal over the next few weeks is to get them finally framed.

Caroline Kent said...

What an enjoyable posting! I think we all have within us a link to a creative spirit and it just finding the right outlet for us.