Sunday, February 22, 2009

Having the time to write

When I was in college, I would spend a lot of time analyzing and editing my term papers. To be honest, I probably was more meticulous about my papers in junior and senior year. During that time, I enjoyed thinking of myself as a "serious" Literature major. I would spend hours in the library researching a particular author or work and compiling tons of citations. A bunch of drafts could usually be found stuffed in my backpack. I liked the whole idea of working out a paper over time. When it was finally submitted to the professor, I usually felt confident that I handed in a worthy paper for consideration.

I notice that my writing habits have changed significantly now that I'm a wife and mother. Now my poems are written in a period of 15 minutes. Gratefully, the images and phrasing seem to come to me quickly once I get "inspired" to jot a poem down. Since I'm so busy with the kids and the house, I guess I have to be content with these quickie moments of creativity. Overall, I'm happy with the poems and maybe it's better that I don't overwork them. When it comes to novel writing, I know that it will be necessary to edit and revise. If my goal is to complete a novel in the next year, I think I'll have to chain myself to my laptop in the late evening hours. Hopefully, my creative side will be awake enough to put in the necessary work.


Gerri said...

Yes, finding the time is tricky. But, it is the effort that counts and all the things we do as a Mom and Wife as well.:)

Michelle said...

Oh I'm with you. I'm thinking right now that I have about ten minutes to create a post for tomorrow or there won't be one at all. But I'm kind of ok with that because I have so many other things keeping me occupied and happy. But then again "real" writing isn't my goal, so I'd probably feel a little different if it were. Good luck with your novel. That's quite a goal!

CDB said...

I feel like you're writing about my life.. only I only have ONE (very busy, unruly) almost 2-yr old toddler. It is a challenge daily, but blogging has been a great catalyst. And great adult "conversation!"