Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art of conversation

Skating along through life, one misses so many chances to listen to another. Most daily interactions deal with quick, trivial issues that are forgotten in moments. Wouldn't it be great to try and sharpen our listening skills so we can better understand each other on a deeper level? We surround ourselves with distractions and excuses to avoid true connections through conversation. We channel surf through our conversations and jump to what catches our interest for the moment. The art of a two way conversation does not seem to be a priority to many individuals. Think of ancient times when teachers and leaders would gather to discuss great principles and contemporary issues. They would spend hours debating, sharing, arguing and learning from those discussions. Those often heated verbal exchanges would go on for hours, maybe days. All in attendance would be riveted to the topic and truly listening to each and every word.

We need to start talking to each other again. Our opinions and thoughts are worth the time.

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